Fasthouse x Hot Wheels collection debuts at Day in the Dirt

Fasthouse and Hot Wheels? Uh, yeah, this is a collaboration we can support!

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At the crossroads of speed and good times, you’ll find the timeless cool of the Southern California motocross community. We pay homage to tradition with the new Fasthouse x Hot Wheels capsule collection.

In 1968, when Hot Wheels was born, it became the toy that would spark the passion of generations of gearboxes, forever anchored in the memories of their youth. Perhaps it is no coincidence that 1968 was also the year that Kenny Alexander received a handmade jersey from his grandmother under the roof of what became the inspiration for Fasthouse – where some of the riders fastest in the desert racing scene and later the legendary Indian The Dunes would come together to tell war tales and collect old fashioned racing jerseys and vests.

Fast forward to the present day and the two iconic brands have joined forces to create a line of products for the tight-knit community of dirt bike enthusiasts young and old. And to continue to stimulate the hearts of the next generation, Hot Wheels and Fasthouse have teamed up to select a team of young rockstars who epitomize the spirit of speed, style and good times that those who grew up riding so remember. tenderly. This is the FH X Hot Wheels youth squad, and they were on full display during the recent Day In the Dirt in 2021.

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Also founded by Kenny Alexander, Day in the Dirt is something special that taps into the spirit of Hot Wheels. What started as a one-day event in 1998 has grown into what some call the “MX Woodstock”. It’s a gathering of family and friends and what they love the most – dirt bikes. It attracts the big, the near-big and the young, but also the Hollywood stunt community and motorcycle fanatics from all over the world. It’s a gathering for everyone, and a big part of this community is made up of delighted children. Since the FH x Hot Wheels youth team debuted at Mammoth MX in June, there has been a buzz around this unique collaboration. The mood at Day in the Dirt was no different. The Hot Wheels youth team arrived on stage, ready to roll and have a good time.

“Dirt Day has always been a special race for the Grant family, it was very special for me this year to have all of our hot Wheels groms out there representing what racing is really like… having fun, look good and spread good vibes, ”said Josh Grant. “I really liked that Fasthouse invited Moto 4 Kids to run races for the younger generations and have them participate in the funniest race of the year.”

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Day in the Dirt isn’t all about the catwalks, it’s really about running with your friends and making long-lasting memories. The FH x Hot Wheels youth team did just that, paired with a cool style that the whole community felt a part of. From the racetrack to the campsites, these young rippers spread the message of speed, style and good times. The new FH x Hot Wheels casual collection embodies this lifestyle with its assortment of beanies, t-shirts, hoodies and more in classic SoCal style; with something for everyone to keep warm in the pits, out of the sun on a hot track day, or just to represent your love of two-wheeler culture in the city.

“I love seeing the FH x Hot Wheels team live their life and tear it apart, it makes me smile,” said Kenny Alexander, Founder of Fasthouse. “Looking forward to the next one!”

As for the product line, this is only the beginning. Coming in 2022, look for some awesome riding gear to go with the recent drop in casual wear.

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