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McHenry senior center linebacker Evan Griffiths had 13 tackles in Friday’s 27-21 win over Crystal Lake Central in their Fox Valley Conference game.

But it was in attack, at the back, that Griffiths made a crucial play late in the game. He landed a fumble on third-and-first and earned a first down that saw the Warriors run out of time.

For his one-on-one and overall play, Griffiths was voted the FridayNightDrive.com Team of the Week MVP, sponsored by SGKR Injury Attorneys.

In the four years the FND has awarded the weekly award, Griffiths is the first McHenry player to win.

Griffiths answered some questions from Shaw Media sportswriter Joe Stevenson about his big game and sports.

What do you remember the most from Friday’s game?

Griffiths: Picking up that fumble during the fourth and that play to move the sticks is a moment I’ll never forget. I remember seeing the ball on the ground and I knew I had to get that meter for my team. I knew as soon as I got (the ball), nobody was stopping me from getting that 1 yard. All my teammates surrounded me hugging me saying “You won us the game!”

Which three celebrities would you like to have dinner with?

Griffiths: Ray Lewis, Michael Jordan and Roquan Smith.

If you could play football at any university, where would you choose?

Griffiths: North West. This is where I saw my very first college football game, and I loved the atmosphere. It reminded me why this sport is the greatest sport in the world. Also, the college is quite close to my home and my family.

Who is the most famous person you have taken a picture with?

Griffiths: Motocross rider Ryan Dungy. I took the picture with him at Redbud MX, a track in Buchanan, Michigal. I was riding at the time, but later I chose to make football my main sport.

What do you eat and how long do you eat before a game?

Griffiths: I eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich about an hour and a half before the game.

In which sport would you not practice?

Griffiths: stock. I think I would be good on the defensive side playing lacrosse because of the physicality I bring and I could definitely stop the opposition from scoring.

What is your favorite class?

Griffiths: Weight training because it’s my favorite hobby and I see my favorite teacher (John Beerbower) during this time. He’s an incredible coach. He helped me with everything and my strength numbers definitely wouldn’t be where they are now without him.

Who is your favorite former McHenry player?

Griffiths: Paul Zunkel (2021 graduate and also center linebacker) He was a great role model for me when I was in sophomore and never failed to make me laugh.

What is your soap opera character name (your middle name and the street you live on)?

Griffiths: Charles Hilltop.

If you could time travel, what sporting event (past or future) would you most like to see?

Griffiths: I would have loved to travel back in time to when the Bears won Super Bowl XX after the 1985 season.

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