Dylan Ferrandis frustrated with crashes amid heavy MXoN rides

Dylan Ferrandis: I gave it my all today. Not very lucky. Moto 1 I had a crash from the start when a guy ran into me. Moto 2 I spoiled the victory. Was quite frustrated with that. I regrouped and did everything I could to secure second place overall, and I think for me and the team today was the best we could do. Congratulations to Team USA, they were very strong today, they had home advantage and the crowd on their side, I was a little jealous! Next year we will have the race in France and it will be different. I think it’s good that we finished second to RedBud. This event is so unique, and we had a great weekend for the riders, the fans and the industry, and it’s great to have an event like this at the end of the season.

They have awarded many different prizes. Teams, classes, rookies, watches. They didn’t give out a prize for the fastest lap, which you had in both motos. Did you realize that? We must have this award because you were really fast.
Yeah. I was quick but didn’t win, so yeah. I’d rather not be fast and win, you know?

What happened in the first moto that led to this early crash?
Great start, great start, and someone on the inside got a little out of control and hit me and there was nothing I could do. So, too bad to leave dead last and I gave everything to come back, and I finished fifth or sixth, I don’t remember.

You seem confident all weekend, but does that give you a little push to go away this weekend saying, “I’m here with someone?” Do you need this?
Yes exactly. It was kind of my main goal. Of course, my goal was to win for the team and to win for myself, but also to prove to everyone, to prove to the world, to prove to the industry, my sponsors who support me, Yamaha who come to sign me up again for next year, that, ‘Hey, here I am. This year I had a serious injury. We know this sport is dangerous. Shit happens. But yes, I’m back. I am ready to work. I’m willing to spend hours on it. And yes, you can see that speed, physical strength, everything is fine. Maybe my mind needs a boost when I’m leading a race and crashing on my own. Maybe I need to work on that. I think that’s almost the easiest part to work on when you have the speed and the strength. This is the most important part. So yes, I proved that I have that and I’m ready to work this winter and be ready for next season.

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