Details of Tony Hawk’s epic documentary airing on HBO in 2022

Tony Hawk has long wanted to create a documentary detailing his relationship with skateboarding. In recent years, the sport’s popularity has grown so much that it has become an Olympic sport. Much of this is due to Tony Hawk.

Details of the feature-length documentary have been revealed, according to Variety.

The feature-length documentary will be produced by the Duplass brothers. It will be available to stream on HBO MAX in 2022. HBO has acquired the rights to “Tony Hawk: Until the Wheels Fall Off” through ICM Partners, which represents Sam Jones, Mark Duplass and Jay Duplass.

Sam Jones will direct the film. Jones has previously earned directing credits on the Showtime series “Roadies” as well as on Emmy Award-winning “Ted Lasso”.

“Sam has succeeded in making a film that in a way transcends the sport of skating and becomes a unique and very human portrayal,” executive producer Mark Duplass said in a statement. “I can’t wait to share this thing with the world.”

The documentary takes a look at Tony Hawk’s personal life as well as his long-standing connection to skateboarding. The film contains previously unseen footage with unprecedented access to Hawk. So much so that Mark Duplass commented on how amazed he was to see Hawk invite them into his life.

In 1999 Tony Hawk, or “Birdman” as he is known, became the first man to complete the “900”. It’s been 2 1/2 revolutions in the air on the skateboard. A few years later, Hawk began a tour of shows featuring skateboarding, BMX and freestyle motocross.

He is considered one of the godfathers of the X-Games, winning 16 medals. He has since appeared on television, in movies, and even started his own video game business.

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