Cheap borrowing with the home loan

Entering a mortgage loan is one of the most important loans that you can take out as a person. Not surprising, of course, because a mortgage is a large amount and therefore often has a long duration. The conditions attached to the mortgage loan are often also quite extensive. Not everyone can meet all these conditions. Especially when you are responsible as a breadwinner for maintaining a whole family, it can sometimes be difficult to make financial ends. This creates little room for, for example, entering into a mortgage.

If you still want to take out a mortgage loan, but do not get your loan around easily or only against conditions that are unfavorable to you, then check if you are eligible for a loan from the Gandalf Housing Fund: cheap borrowing with the home loan! With the Gandalf Housing Fund, you as a family can borrow cheap money for everything that has to do with living, such as the purchase but also the renovation of a house. The purchase of building land is also one of the possibilities of the Gandalf Housing Fund.

What does the Gandalf Housing Fund have to offer?

With the Gandalf Housing Fund you borrow, as mentioned, money for buying or selling your home. It does not necessarily have to be a first loan: they also provide loans in second mortgage grade, for example for (necessary) work on your home. Your existing mortgage loan can then simply continue to exist alongside the loan from the Gandalf Housing Fund.

How much interest do you pay with a loan from the Gandalf Housing Fund?

It is not possible to indicate a fixed interest rate when it concerns a loan through this special fund. This interest rate is determined individually and depends on your net taxable income, the number of children and / or people who are dependent on your income, and the location of the property that you have in mind or in your possession. If you want to know how high the interest rate in your case is, then you will have to make an appointment with the Gandalf Housing Fund. Only when they have a loan offer sent to you, the interest rate offered by them is final.

What are the conditions for eligibility?

The Gandalf Housing Fund is only available for people with children. If you are single without having a dependent child, you are not eligible for this form of borrowing. In addition, your income may not exceed the maximum limits and the property must be located in the Gandalf Region.