Charge while driving? What does our future electric vehicle look like?

(WXYZ) – As the number of electric vehicles on the road continues to grow, the United States still lags behind other countries in terms of sales and the number of public charging stations.

China leads the world in the development and sale of electric vehicles, followed by Europe and then the United States


The Detroit Big 3 will deploy more new electric vehicles over the next several years.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer made headlines this week at the Motor Bella auto show, announcing that she wanted to lead the country in developing technologies that allow charging while driving. But is it possible and at what cost?

“I’m proud to announce here at Motor Bella 2021 that Michigan is on track to roll out the nation’s first public highway wireless charging,” Governor Whitmer said.

The announcement came days after the governor visited the new Ford F150 Lightening electric truck plant in Dearborn, ramping up production to meet demand.

Automotive writers asked the governor why Motor City and Michigan lagged behind other states with electric vehicle charging stations.

“It’s interesting because I know a lot of people who have electric vehicles, they’ve been able to navigate, but it’s… not as ubiquitous as it should be and that’s what our job is to do. “she said.

It turns out that this technology is being developed in other countries. There is a video (below) from four years ago in New Zealand regarding a project with Qualcomm and 25 other partners. But the technology is still developing.

Indiana announced a partnership with a German start-up and Purdue University in July. But that’s only to study it for now.

“We have budgeted and allocated approximately $ 478,000. This is what we expect our specific research project to cost over the next two years,” said Scott Manning, deputy chief of staff for the Department of Transportation of Indiana.

The Michigan Department of Transportation will issue a request for proposals next week. No cost has been established. And no schedule. And no details of what it will be here.

“It’s too early to really talk about the cost of deploying it on, say, 150, 200 miles of public highway. Our initial test will be a quarter mile on a much smaller scale and again with a strong focus on sustainability. , “Manning said.

The viability includes on a main highway with heavy traffic and heavy trucks.

And four weather seasons, hot summers and cold winters with ice and snow.

“We want to have that, that peace of mind and that certainty of how it will work on a public road where we will see all types of conditions and all types of vehicle uses,” Manning said.

At Motor Bella, electric cars are here for rides into the future.

“. There is a term to describe how she feels, it’s called scope anxiety.

And while the governor likely runs for re-election next year, his latest campaign cycle has been about fixing the bloody roads. How does it fit in?

“That’s a good question. I guess it will take a bit of both,” Warren’s Doug Horner said.

While viability is being explored, we may not have answers for a year or two.

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