Motocross sport – Seminole Tribe Motocross Mon, 03 Jan 2022 18:29:07 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Motocross sport – Seminole Tribe Motocross 32 32 Loeb wins stage 2 in Dakar, moves closer to the top of the general classification Mon, 03 Jan 2022 17:18:03 +0000

Sébastien Loeb won the second stage of the Dakar Rally on Monday, and closed the gap on the leader of General Nasser Al-Attiyah.

Loeb, a nine-time world rally champion, covered the 339 kilometer / 210.465 mile segment in three hours and 25 minutes to claim his 15th stage victory in Dakar, and the first since 2019. The 47-year-old Frenchman won a first victory. for Bahrain Raid Xtreme, finishing 3m28s ahead of finalist Al-Attiyah.

Additionally, the Prodrive Hunter driven by Loeb made history by becoming the first car to win a Dakar rally stage powered by sustainable fuel. The vehicle runs on Prodrive EcoPower, which is made from agricultural waste and reduces CO2 emissions by 80% compared to gasoline.

“It was a real battle because Nasser was pushing really hard on the sand as he opened the stage and really fast,” said Loeb. “We pushed hard like we were in a 340km WRC rally, so it was exciting and really tough, but we have a fantastic result at the end. Towards the end of the stage Nasser and I were riding through the dunes together but then there were a lot of rocks so I tried to lead so I could pick the line and try to avoid a puncture so we could be okay. complete the stage, because yesterday I had two apartments.

“It wasn’t such a big sailing question today, as the line was really clear for Fabian and me. This is a fantastic result for BRX and proof of the benefits of a durable fuel for such long distance events. After a tremendous amount of work from so many people over so many months, we are proud to take this first step for the team.

Al-Attiyay, three-time Dakar champion at the wheel of Toyota Gazoo Racing, saw his overall lead tighten to just 9m16 over Loeb.

Another three-time Dakar champion Carlos Sainz bounced back from his sailing difficulties on Matchday 1 to finish third of the day for Team Audi Sport. Although he climbed into the top 30 of the general classification, the Spaniard remains more than two hours from first place.

Joan Barreda Bort beat her rivals on motorcycles to claim a second stage victory, driving on the sand with Monster Energy Honda in 3h31m20s. The Spaniard is in 10th place after the stage victory, but is ahead of category leader Sam Sunderland, who finished second on the day, by 20m25.

Skyler Howes led the way for the Americans on Matchday 2 with a fourth place finish. Andrew Short finished ninth, while 2020 winner Ricky Brabac crossed the line in 15th. In the general classification of the class, Howes is fifth, 9m59s behind Sunderland. Short is 16th, just ahead of Brabac 19th.

“I don’t think I had a difficult day today, I didn’t really make a mistake,” said Brabac. “It was a very cold day. I started out pretty far and for me it was like a motocross track, no navigation. I had a lot of lines to follow. The hardest part was riding in the wet sand with the big ruts that had been made by the bikes that had come out in front. It was a very quick stage.

“We started to sink into the sand dunes and it was a physical day. It’s only the second day… let’s hope we have some energy at the end of the rally! We will continue to push for the next few days because we are really far behind. Yesterday 90 percent of the contestants got lost with notes that didn’t make sense and today I had another problem like this. The Dakar is tough.

Despite the victory of stage 1 in the light prototypes, the American Seth Quintero suffered mechanical problems in stage 2, won by Guillaume de Mevius. In SSV, the American Austin Jones regained the lead in the general classification for 1m52s after winning the second stage.

On Tuesday, a third stage will stretch 255 kilometers / 158.45 miles from Al Artawiyah to Al Qaysumah.

Classification of the Dakar Rally 2022 after stage 2


  1. N. AL-ATTIYAH (QAT) TOYOTA 06:59:21
  2. S. LOEB (FRA) BRX +09: 16
  3. L. ALVAREZ (ARG) TOYOTA +40: 53
  4. G. DE VILLIERS (ZAF) TOYOTA +41: 22
  5. V. VASILYEV (RUS) VRT +43: 39


  1. S. SUNDERLAND (GBR) GAS GAS 08:31:29
  2. A. VAN BEVEREN (FRA) YAMAHA +02: 51
  3. D. SANDERS (AUS) GAS GAS +03: 29
  4. M. WALKNER (AUT) KTM +04: 08
  5. S. HOWES (United States) HUSQVARNA +09: 59


  1. D. SOTNIKOV (RUS) KAMAZ 07:59:07
  2. E. NIKOLAEV (RUS) KAMAZ +02: 07
  3. A. KARGINOV (RUS) KAMAZ +18: 34
  4. A. SHIBALOV (RUS) KAMAZ +22: 43
  5. A. LOPRAIS (CZE) PRAGA +31: 11


  1. F. LOPEZ CONTARDO (CHL) CAN-AM 08:30:15
  2. S. ERIKSSON (SWE) CAN-AM +07: 22
  3. P. LEBEDEV (RUS) CAN-AM +23: 48
  4. C. GUTIERREZ (ESP) OT3 +42: 45
  5. P. PINCHEDEZ (FRA) PINCH +48: 19

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Sports in Clark County – Thu, 30 Dec 2021 23:48:53 +0000

The State Championships are back, as are the Clark County Champions

The biggest day of sport in 2021?

Oh, that should be easy, right?

Well, maybe not.

Certainly, November 20 must be in the discussion. It was the day that Columbia River and Ridgefield met for the State 2A Volleyball Championship. The rapids – the rapids? – yes, the Rapids beat the Spudders for the title.

On the same day, the Camas Papermakers finished an unbeaten season to claim the Class 4A women’s football title.

The Camas Papermakers went undefeated and won the Class 4A State Championship, one of the best sports stories of 2021. This photo was taken by Kris Cavin, also known as KC Fresh.  He moved out of the region, another big sporting story of the year.  Photo by Kris Cavin
The Camas Papermakers went undefeated and won the Class 4A State Championship, one of the best sports stories of 2021. This photo was taken by Kris Cavin, also known as KC Fresh. He moved out of the region, another big sporting story of the year. Photo by Kris Cavin

There were also a few Clark County High School football teams in the quarterfinals that day.

Or maybe it was March 19, when two-time football coach Rick Steele of Hockinson resigned. Or on June 8, when two-time state champion football coach Jon Eagle de Camas resigned. Big news, of course, these days.

Rick Steele, pictured here celebrating the 2018 State Championship, has stepped down as Hockinson's football coach after the abridged spring season in 2021. Photo by Mike Schultz
Rick Steele, pictured here celebrating the 2018 State Championship, has stepped down as Hockinson’s football coach after the abridged spring season in 2021. Photo by Mike Schultz

Before they could even play soccer, volleyball or soccer, the powers that be had to come up with a plan to play.

Which means January 26, 2021 may have been the most important day for sports in Clark County in 2021.

It’s the day that athletic directors and school principals gave the green light for training to begin the following week for most fall sports, including football.

So, on February 1, high school athletes officially trained for the first time in the 2020-21 school year. The high school athletes were preparing for the games for the first time in about 11 months.

The return of the sport has helped society get back to some of what we had before the pandemic. In this state, in particular, it has been a slow journey. And even at the end of the year, we have a lot of COVID-related issues wreaking havoc on the local sports scene. The entire sport of high school wrestling is on a ‘hiatus’, although high school basketball is also having issues with COVID.

So, no, not even close to being back to the way things were. But still, the return of the sport has helped so many people.

Let’s take a look at some of the best sports stories, not just high school sports, as well as some of my favorites, from 2021:

On January 5th, we showed up at a dark thirty in the morning to watch the Mountain View football team hit the weight room, but there was no room. Because the players had moved the weights outside. Yes, at the start of 2021, with no football schedule yet, no season guarantee, the Thunder were out in January, still gloomy, lifting weights before school. It kind of told the story of the athletes at the start of 2021. Lots of unknowns, but athletes still had to find a way to prepare for anything.

Also in January, we featured Thomas Fletcher, a former Vancouver athlete who won a national championship playing for Alabama football. Later that year, he was drafted by the Carolina Panthers. Fletcher is spending his first year in professional football on the injured reserve list.

February was the return of the action for sports at Clark County High School. Fall sports in February, remember? Football in February and March. Crazy times.

I’ve written a few columns this year, but the one that stood out to me is my call for compassion rather than blame when it comes to COVID and sports. That day in March, it was the Camas athletes, who were accused of “spreading” the disease. For the rest of my life, I will never remember how our country openly took root for one side or another to get sick, to blame someone for spreading a virus that was not unknown. from any of us two years ago. No matter where you are on the political side of COVID-19, masks or vaccination, I do not wish any of you to get sick. And if you do, I will pray for a speedy recovery, and I will never blame you. It’s not your fault that COVID is here. Certainly not the fault of a teenager from Camas.

Also in March, Clark County mourned the loss of Ralph Huffman. The Washougal MX National is Clark County’s largest sporting event in terms of attendance. Over 20,000 fans show up as the series draws people from across the Northwest. This wouldn’t have been possible without Huffman, the track co-owner who has made all the improvements needed every year to keep the series coming back.

Ralph Huffman's family gathered around Ralph's Rock at Washougal MX Park this summer.  Ralph Huffman, the park's co-owner who died in the spring, helped make Washougal an annual stop on the national motocross tour.  Photo by Paul Valence
Ralph Huffman’s family gathered around Ralph’s Rock at Washougal MX Park this summer. Ralph Huffman, the park’s co-owner who died in the spring, helped make Washougal an annual stop on the national motocross tour. Photo by Paul Valence

In April, Columbia River High School officially adopted the name Rapids for its sports teams. The argument can go on and on with traditionalists. But the students have adapted. They are the Rapids. Or, they are River. Works anyway. Oh, but for a split second, Sasquatch was on the table. It would have been fun.

Also in April, we featured Robert Franks, an Evergreen High School graduate who reached the NBA last season. He finished that calendar year with the Brisbane Bullets, playing in the Australian league. It’s the start of the season, but he leads the team in points and rebounds.

In May one of my favorite pictures I have ever taken, just because of the weird situation. Wrestling in high school. In May. Outside. At Doc Harris stadium in Camas. Yet another thing we never thought we would see before the pandemic.

Outdoor high school wrestling?  At Doc Harris Stadium.  It was supposed to be in 2021. Photo by Paul Valencia
Outdoor high school wrestling? At Doc Harris Stadium. It was supposed to be in 2021. Photo by Paul Valencia

In June, it was the return of the Ridgefield Raptors. The organization was still trying to figure out how to handle the ever-changing pandemic protocols, but almost 1,000 people showed up on opening night because, well, it’s baseball. Clark County showed they love the Raptors when they first arrived in 2019, and fans missed the Raptors when there was no season in 2020.

Later that summer, Skyview High School’s Caden Vire was drafted by the Milwaukee Brewers.

We had local ties to the Olympics. Kara Winger, a Skyview High School graduate and four-time Olympian, carried the American flag at the closing ceremony of the Tokyo Games. Gymnast Jordan Chiles, a Prairie High School graduate, won a silver medal. She was honored by Vancouver with a parade later in the summer.

Jordan Chiles waves his silver medal during a parade in his honor in Vancouver in August.  Photo by Paul Valence
Jordan Chiles waves his silver medal during a parade in his honor in Vancouver in August. Photo by Paul Valence

Tobias Merriweather of Union High School, one of football’s best rookies to come out of Clark County in years, announced in early August that he intended to sign with Notre Dame. Later this month, we featured Merriweather, noting that her academic achievements are on par with her athletic achievements. In December, he formalized it by signing with the Fighting Irish.

In high school football, Ridgefield had his best season since his state title in 1995, winning his first 11 games to reach the quarter-finals.

Then there was November 20, with the Camas women’s soccer and Columbia River volleyball teams winning the state championships. The fall sports championship seasons hosted by the WIAA were the first since winter sports ended in 2020, just before the closures.

The Columbia River Rapids won the State 2A Volleyball State Championship on the same day the Camas women's football team won it all, giving Clark County two great stories on the same day.  Photo by Paul Valence
The Columbia River Rapids won the State 2A Volleyball State Championship on the same day the Camas women’s football team won it all, giving Clark County two great stories on the same day. Photo by Paul Valence

And in December, we noted that sports photographer Kris Cavin, known as KC Fresh on social media, had left the area – a great loss for Clark County athletes. Cavin, after all, volunteered his time and talent, never charging an athlete for the photos he provided.

As we head into 2022, there remains a lot of confusion, anger, frustration, whatever you want to call it, in terms of a pandemic.

But there have been a lot of great things in 2021 and I’m sure more amazing times will come in 2022.

As KC Fresh often tweets:

“Today is going to be so awesome.”

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Confidence in Jett Lawrence for 2022 Supercross title Mon, 27 Dec 2021 00:49:00 +0000

Supercross (SX) racing requires balance in all aspects and entering his third season in the 250 Series, Team Honda HRC rider Jett Lawrence has learned to temper his natural confidence with humility.

The first personality trait wasn’t hard to come by. Confidence was acquired in him from a young age and reinforced by a third place finish in the SX East division last year and the 2021 Motocross Championship. Lawrence believes that humility comes just as naturally, though it can sometimes be. difficult to express in a sport where the winning runner has to believe he is the best in the field.

“Expectations were pretty high going forward (in 2021),” Lawrence told NBC Sports. “I didn’t really like the way it was picked up at all. I had my expectations. I am who I am and I always want to be better, so I didn’t care too much.

Jett Lawrence led the field in the Supercross Round 2 of the 2021 season in Houston. (Feld Entertainment)

“I didn’t feel like it bothered me too much, to be honest. People like to try to put pressure on you, but I feel like it’s more about “you”. You can tell you’ve been pressured, and if you believe it, it’s the pressure. If you don’t, then don’t overthink it.

After literally mortgaging the family’s future, the Lawrence brothers burst onto the scene in 2020 with Jett and Hunter Lawrence featured as two of the most promising runners to join the series in several seasons. For Jett, the speed was there, but 2020 wasn’t the start many expected.

Lawrence won a podium in six starts from 250 SX West and finished 10th in the standings. A broken collarbone after being thrown from his bike into the whoops in Round 3 of 2020 prevented him from participating in all races that year.

His second season was much stronger. Racing each race and earning nearly twice as many points, Lawrence finished third in the standings behind champion Colt Nichols and Jo Shimoda, who became the first Japanese-born rider to win a race in the series last year.

More importantly, Lawrence learned to win and to stand on the podium with greater frequency. He won the second race of the season and took podiums in two of the three season opener races in Houston. He closed the season with two wins and a second place finish in Salt Lake City.

Without a disastrous race in Indianapolis where he finished out of points in 23rd place, he might have won the title.

“(Aggression) is probably one of my biggest issues,” Lawrence said. “We all want to be better than each other so it’s a very difficult thing. This is probably my strength and my weakness at the same time. This is what cost me a little (in 2021) in supercross.

“I try to go faster than anyone else on the track and it ends up catching me. The more mature side must realize that I’m okay. I get a little carried away sometimes because I want to be the best at what I do. Sometimes it definitely bites me, but sometimes it pays off.

Three consecutive top-two standings at the end of the season have propelled him into motocross with a ton of momentum. Lawrence won the season opener at Fox Raceway in Pala, Calif. And finished on the podium in three consecutive races. He’s also won three of the last five motocross races to put him in a position to drive smart at Hangtown in Rancho Cordova, Calif., In the final.

Lawrence won the Outdoor Championship by six points over Justin Cooper.

Once Jett Lawrence learned to trust the process, victories quickly followed. (Feld Entertainment)

It wasn’t as easy as it sounds. Lawrence and Cooper traded the points lead over the season, and a streak of three modest fourth or sixth performances forced Lawrence to dig deep and close hard.

But that’s also what contributed to Lawrence’s confidence.

“I’m confident because I know I put in some work,” Lawrence said. “I don’t need someone to tell me I’m fine. I know I’m decent at what I do because I put work into it – so I’m confident as a person.

“Sometimes I try to hide this, because sometimes it seems arrogant. It’s a bit of a fight with that. But I feel like trust is definitely a good thing to have in your back pocket. C it’s pretty funny when people think I’m like that cocky kid, but people who know me say to me, “it just happens that way.”

“It’s good (to be confident) but it’s more like being mentally strong. I feel like my dad is very strong mentally and I take a bit of him – and just being strong mentally and knowing that I’m meant to be here, and I deserve everything I get. Not sounding like a spoiled brat, but everything I’ve accomplished I deserve.

With a 450 run looming, Lawrence has one final goal to reach as the 2022 season is about to start.

When asked what he would have liked to write about him at the end of the season, Lawrence replied: “(I would like to be known at the end of the season as) the greatest 250m runner in the world. world. It would be great to have that.

“But I also hate to say that because I’m just not that person trying to brag. So it’s weird, but a perfect season would be to get both championships.

“The race wins are obviously impressive, but the biggest goal is the championship and if I can get both, the goals are met in 250.”

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Tanya Muzinda soars in the United States Fri, 24 Dec 2021 23:34:52 +0000

The herald

Ellina Mhlanga, senior sports journalist

US-based motocross rider Tanya Muzinda marked another milestone on the track by becoming the winner of the 2021 Bartow National Motocross Championship Series in the 125cc class.

Muzinda was crowned champion of the 125cc mixed boys two-stroke category.

It was Muzinda’s first full season championship victory outside Zimbabwe.

She has competed outside of Zimbabwe before before moving to Florida, USA with her family in 2019 for more exposure and competition as she pursues her dream of becoming a full-fledged professional motocross rider.

“I was crowned points leader and 2021 Bartow National Motocross Championship Series champion in the 125cc mixed boys two-stroke category. This is my first ever championship victory in a full season outside of Zimbabwe.

“Many thanks to my sponsors and friends for completing the 24-stop series,” Muzinda said from her base in Florida yesterday. She has competed and won a number of races in the Bartow Championship Series in the 125cc class, competing against both men and women.

The promising runner has continued to climb over the years.

Recently, she was named to the BBC’s 2021 100 Women List, celebrating the most influential women who have made a difference in their communities.

“Taking on the male dominated world of motocross or off-road motorcycle racing, Tanya Muzinda has become her country’s off-road circuit champion. She is the first Zimbabwean woman to win a motocross championship since the competition began in 1957, ”the BBC said.

She won the Annual National Sports Awards and was named Junior Sportsperson of the Year in recognition of her efforts.

In 2018, she was crowned the African Union Sports Council’s Junior Sportsperson of the Year for the region’s five regional awards.

The 17-year-old continues to defy the odds and the future looks bright for her in her favorite sport.

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Interview: Adam Sterry – In search of a vehicle Thu, 23 Dec 2021 11:11:45 +0000

As the 2022 season approaches, one rider who currently has no driver is British talent Adam Sterry. The Briton has had a great career in the MX2 World Championship but since moving to MXGP he has yet to show what he can really do and injuries have not helped.

Sterry will not be staying with the Milwaukee team-powered Hitachi KTM squad for the 2022 season and at the moment he doesn’t appear to have anything on the table. All the team leaders reading this and still have an MXGP slot for the 2022 season, then Sterry could be your man!

We caught up with Sterry to discuss his future and more.

GateDrop: Adam, let’s start with the 2021 season – unfortunately an injury cut the season short, but you had a good pace at the start of the season. Where were you satisfied with the way things were going?

Sterry: We had some good races but ended up missing too many races like you said I got injured in Germany and after that it was triple so I missed a lot of races there and at the start of the season we missed more races as they faced the british championship, when you miss so many races it’s hard to stay in the stream of world championship races and of course less chance to get good results.

GateDrop: Obviously you’ve had a good career in MX2, over the last couple of years you’ve moved to MXGP. How does it feel to take the plunge and especially without a factory bike?

Sterry: Yes the MX2 was good, I always thought the 450cc was better for me, just feel like I haven’t been able to show it yet. The build-up is difficult, everyone is so close and everyone has a lot of experience with running, training, testing etc. therefore the level is much higher. Ultimately, it’s the pinnacle of the sport, so that’s expected.

GateDrop: The level of MXGP last year was just amazing – maybe the best ever! How would you describe the racing of the series?

Sterry: Difficult (laughs). But it’s something that I love! If you are a little out of the way during the day, that’s the difference in getting points or not. Everyone pushes the limits and that’s why the standard is so high.

GateDrop: Unfortunately, you won’t continue with the Hitachi KTM team.

Sterry: I enjoyed working with the team, it’s a British team and people with whom I have already worked. Not really because I somehow knew it was going to happen anyway. It’s just a shame that we weren’t able to get the results that I or the team wanted.

GateDrop: Looking ahead to 2022, have you generated a lot of interest? I think Marchetti was an option but they ended up going with another driver – are there any other teams interested?

Sterry: I had a few teams interested but in the end it didn’t work out and at the moment there aren’t many other options. I certainly learned a lot though.

GateDrop: There is obviously so much talent in MXGP right now, how hard is it to secure a race?

Sterry: Very difficult! The age rule in MX2 doesn’t help either. There are fewer and fewer MXGP teams but more and more riders entering the class each year. This is also the reason why people decide to retire. Without a good team and a good budget in the MXGP class, it is almost impossible to compete.

GateDrop: In your opinion, how likely is it that you will even run selected MXGP races in 2022?

Sterry: At the moment not very likely but I need to sit down and think about it.

GateDrop: Unfortunately the UK paddock is not what it used to be, do you have any offers to race at national level?

Sterry: I had one but to be honest it wasn’t something I wanted to do initially (like in the UK Championship only) and like you said it’s not what it used to be!

GateDrop: For potential team managers who might read this, what type of rider would he sign with you?

Sterry: Someone who has dedicated their life to the sport, who works hard and with the right team and the right people can be back at the forefront.

GateDrop: In the worst case scenario, if no offers are received – fingers crossed that this doesn’t happen, but what does the future look like for you?

Sterry: As of this moment I am not sure. This is something that I have also dedicated my life to, so it would be weird not to stand in line, but in the end, if there is no option, it is something that I have to manage and find a solution. I will always be training so maybe an opportunity will present itself at some point!

Interview: Andy McKinstry

Photo: Hitachi KTM powered by Milwaukee / Ray Archer

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Great feats in the face of obstacles Wed, 22 Dec 2021 03:26:45 +0000

Resilience. That’s the first word that comes to mind when thinking back to the gigantic sporting efforts of North Otago athletes, teams and organizations in another year disrupted by Covid-19. Kayla Hodge narrows it down to the 10 Best Sporting Times of the Year in North Otago.


In February, North Otago scored a monster victory to win the Hawke Cup for the third time in 12 years.

The team coached by Pete Cartwright beat Nelson by 250 points – North Otago’s biggest win in Pinnacle Trophy history. The squad was bolstered by former Otago Volts player Nathan Smith, who returned home to play alongside his brother Jeremy.

The victory was very special for captain Lachie Kingan, who scored a rare brace as part of the North Otago Hawke Cup and Meads Cup winning teams.

Heroes of the hometown. . . Courtney Duncan of Palmerston celebrated her third consecutive victory in the women’s motocross world championship on Sunday. PHOTO: SUPPLIED / MXGP


What a year for Courtney Duncan.

The Palmerston motocross rider won her third straight women’s motocross world championship title in October, earning 31 points and coming back from a heavy fall that slightly fractured her finger.

She won the Supreme Sportswoman of the Year Award at the Network Waitaki Sports Awards in March and was nominated for Sportswoman of the Year at next year’s Halberg Awards.

Daddy’s Girls . . . Coxed women’s intermediate eight Oamaru Rowing Club, with coach Owen Gould, rose to the podium after winning gold at the New Zealand Rowing Championships in Twizel last weekend. PHOTO: SHARRON BENNETT PHOTOGRAPHER


Oamaru’s Eights are a rarity, so bringing gold home is that much sweeter.

Oamaru’s women’s intermediate eight with coxswain – Georgie McCarthy, April Linares-Fontona, Amelia Wilkinson, Abbey Wilson, Bailey Chapman, Sophie Linares-Fontona, Lily Rawson, Sophie McMillian-Sinclair and Quinn Plunkett – won championship gold New Zealand rowing, in February.

The eight then split into two teams of four, a team from St Kevin’s College and a team from Waitaki Girls’ High School. St Kevin’s won bronze in the women’s intermediate final, while Waitaki Girls finished fifth.


“I want an experience to add to your life, not to turn your life around it.”

These were the words of Holly Edmondston as she reflected on her participation in the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020. The cyclist from Waimate battled years of back injuries and endometriosis to get back on the bike and worked hard to achieve a performance she could be proud of on the world stage.

The former St Kevin’s College student placed eighth in the team pursuit, with the team recording three personal times, and 10th in the omnium.


Years of grief finally came to an end for Kurow in July.

The Red Devils beat Valley 24-13 to win the Citizens Shield for the first time in 39 years. It was a monumental victory for the country club which had roaring support at Whitestone Contracting Centennial Park.

After the game, captain Josh Reid said Kurow was “lucky to have a team this year”.

“There are people in Kurow who are living for the rugby season – it’s exceptional. It means a lot to Kurow, ”said Reid.

The club were supported by Reid’s cousin and former Highlanders and Sunwolves player Hayden Parker, who returned for Kurow’s final games of the season.

Triple threat. . . Rachel Stocks of Palmerston and her horse Btr Windsong won Equestrian Sport New Zealand’s Senior Endurance Horse and Rider of the Year, Distance Horse of the Year and Senior Rider of the Year. PICTURES:


Rachel Stocks has made her way to the top of New Zealand sporting honors.

Palmerston rider and her horse, Btr Windsong, took home the New Zealand Endurance Horse and Senior Rider of the Year, Senior Rider of the Year and Distance Horse of the Year at the awards Equestrian Sport New Zealand in August. It was the first time in 13 years that a runner had won the first three accolades.

She was also instrumental in organizing the National Endurance Championships and Riding Competition in the Nenthorn Valley, the first time the event was held in East Otago.

Union rugby club coach Peter Stackhouse (right) and prop Jack Price after the epic Burns Shield final in Ngapara. PHOTO: UNION RUGBY CLUB


It was another piece of North Otago history.

The Presidents’ rugby final between Union and Kurow lasted 113 minutes – considered the longest game in New Zealand rugby – and Union ultimately prevailed when midfielder Ben Mavor shot the winning penalty to seal Game 18 -15.

It was an incredible end to the season for both teams and a fairytale end at home in Ngapara for Union.

The team has also rewritten its own history, after being beaten in overtime, just 90 minutes, last year by Valley.

Make it big. . . Weston’s Molly Loe received a full contract with the Otago Sparks for the 2021-2022 season. PHOTOS: PROVIDED


Molly Loe has had a pretty big year 2021.

In January, she was selected for New Zealand’s first women’s under-19 cricket team and has played a handful of games for the Otago Sparks as a replacement player.

Then, in October, Loe was named one of nine players on contract with the Otago Sparks for the 2021-22 season. That same month, the Weston cricketer made history when she became the first female cricketer to represent the prestigious Willows Cricket Club in Christchurch.

She continued to impress for the Sparks, winning two of seven in 13 deliveries in her side’s victory over Central Hinds in the Super Smash game on Saturday.



“Everyone grows up dreaming of representing their country”.

This is how Logan Docherty described receiving another black jersey when he was named to New Zealand’s Under-21 heavyweight quadruple scull team in April.

He attended a three-day trial at Lake Karapiro in Cambridge to be part of the team and said he was quite confident on day two he would arrive in the boat.

Docherty has always been a light rower but was selected for the highest weight and looked forward to the challenge.

The honor was a great follow-up for the Oamaru rower who in 2019 was named to the Under-21 lightweight sculls team.

Green light. . . The Trustees of the Waitaki Event Center Trust (left to right) reviewing the plans for the adopted Waitaki Event Center are Kevin Malcolm, Adair Craik, Denise McMillan and Deidre Senior. PHOTO: KAYLA HODGE


After years of discussions, the Waitaki Event Center has finally received the green light.

Kevin Malcolm, Adair Craik, Deidre Senior and Denise McMillan formed the Waitaki Event Center Trust and led the community’s fundraising efforts. They will also be involved in the development of the center.

Doug and Donna Hurst generously pledged up to $ 5 million to the project, and Waitaki District Council adopted a proposal into the 2021-2031 Long-Term Plan in July in which it agreed to contribute up to 10 millions of dollars.

Centennial Park has been approved as the new home for the six-court center and a new board is being established to oversee the development of the center. It is on track for an opening in 2024.

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The stellar year of Emma Raducanu who saw her crowned a great star of 2021 Sun, 19 Dec 2021 21:50:55 +0000

A year ago, the same day Lewis Hamilton was crowned the BBC Sports Personality of the Year for 2020, Emma Raducanu swept Grace Piper to claim the BT Masters title at the National Tennis Center in Roehampton.

Afterwards, Raducanu, then ranked 345th in the world and yet to make her WTA tour debut, provided a glimpse of the unwavering determination that 12 months later would see her succeed Hamilton to put on her own. name on the prestigious trophy.

“I’m pretty ambitious,” Raducanu said that day at Roehampton. “I think the progress I’m making right now, this (the top 100) is not too out of the question. I really believe I can do it.

A year cut straight from the pages of the most wacky sports fantasy novels as Raducanu not only reached the fourth round at Wimbledon, but went on to win 10 straight US Open matches to claim the title without losing a set.

Raducanu had played his first touring event in Nottingham just weeks before enjoying his wildcard at Wimbledon, a run which only ended due to breathing difficulties midway through his clash with Ajla Tomljanovic.

But it turned out to be a stepping stone to a more remarkable achievement. Arriving at Flushing Meadows, Raducanu had never played an overseas qualifying tournament before and had booked his return flights before the start of the main draw.

Instead, she charged through the toss, sunk her teenage colleague Leylah Fernandez in a memorable and ridiculously unlikely finale, and delayed her return home in order to be one of the guests of honor at the Exclusive New York Met Gala.

When it came to emulating Hamilton, even heavyweight world champions and Olympic gold medalists weren’t going to take a look. Britain had long anointed its new sporting hero.

In reality, of course, Raducanu is far from being an overnight success. She started playing tennis at the age of five, three years after moving from Toronto to Canada with her family, and has become a prominent prospect at the Bromley Tennis Center.

Not that Raducanu needed a lot of encouragement, with varying interests in karting – starting in a bus garage in Streatham before moving on to a suitable track – motocross, horseback riding, tap dancing, golf, skiing and basketball .

Outside of sports, she has been very interested in her parents’ Sino-Romanian origins: she speaks Mandarin, watches bursting Taiwanese TV shows and loves nothing more than visiting her paternal grandmother Mamiya in Bucharest.

Raducanu’s heritage also influences her choice of models, with Chinese Li Na and Romanian Simona Halep cited as inspirations.

She won the UK national titles at the Under-9, Under-12 and Under-16 levels, won her first ITF junior title at age 13 and reached the quarter-finals of the competition female at Wimbledon in 2018, where she beat her opponent in the US Open final. Fernandez.

She peaked in the World Junior Rankings of 20 that same year, reaching the quarter-finals at Roland Garros and the US Open.

After turning 18 last November, she made her senior debut at the Nottingham Viking Open in June as a wildcard, a week later, advancing to the ITF 100k quarter-finals in the same city – a performance that convinced the All England Club. to give him a generic entry to Wimbledon and accelerate his extraordinary rise to glory.

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Mixed fortunes for Zim sport Sat, 18 Dec 2021 00:08:05 +0000

The herald

Ellina Mhlanga, senior sports journalist

IT IS just two weeks before the end of the year and for sport in Zimbabwe 2021 has been a sack of mixed fortunes with some positives, ups and downs as the world continues to adjust to the news. normality due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Unlike the previous year when sport was hugely ravaged by the pandemic, 2021 saw some improvements with more sporting activities on the local scene finding their way back, especially sporting codes that had been classified as high risk.

These include soccer, netball, and karate, among others.

While it hasn’t been on a large scale with netball leagues having accelerated programs, it has brought joy and hope to local sports fanatics.

In late July, Zimbabwe competed in the rescheduled 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, Japan.

It was a small team of five athletes – Ngoni Makusha in track and field, swimmers Donata Katai and Peter Wetzlar, golfer Scott Vincent and rower Peter Purcell-Gilpin.

The highlight of the team was the young Katai.

Competing for the first time in the Olympics, Katai came first in her heats in the women’s 100m backstroke with a time of 1 minute 02.73 seconds, setting a new personal best as she made history by becoming the first swimmer. black Zimbabwean woman to compete in the Olympics. world flagship multisport.

She may not have won a medal, but the teenage swimmer’s appearance at the Games was an inspiration to many young athletes that with determination anything is possible.

Katai was also part of the swim team that won 26 medals for Team Zimbabwe in the five African Union Sports Council Youth Games which were recently held in Maseru, Lesotho.

Swimming has been the Zimbabwe team’s main contributor to the Regional Games.

It was also a good year for golfer Scott Vincent. He became the first local golfer to represent the country at the Olympics and finished in 16th place.

It was the best performance of the Zimbabwe team.

Vincent went on to win the Sansan KBC Augusta and the ANA Open in Japan.

Football rebounded with the Chibuku Super Cup played in a mini-league format. The tournament began in May before being suspended en route due to restrictions related to the Covid-19 pandemic.

But he returned at the end of September and the final was played earlier this month with FC Platinum winning the trophy after beating Ngezi Platinum in Mandava.

Premier Soccer League matches are also underway, although they are still in their infancy. The league did not kick off last year due to Covid-19.

Zimbabwe’s senior netball team returned to international competition for the first time in two years when they competed in the Pent Series and Africa Cup of netball in Windhoek, Namibia in November.

The Gems last competed internationally in 2019 and their last event then was the African Cup of Netball in South Africa.

Since then, they had not regrouped due to the Covid-19 pandemic until the Pent Series and Africa Netball Cup.

Triathlon Zimbabwe sent a team to Egypt for the African Championships and won medals there. They also managed to host the Bonaqua Africa Triathlon Cup Troutbeck in September.

In cricket, the Lady Chevrons achieved One Day International status which brought joy to the women’s cricket team and their first ODI series was against Ireland.

In the series’ captain’s debut match, Mary-Anne Musonda wrote her own piece of history when she became the first Zimbabwe cricketer to record a Century ODI, at Harare Sports Club, in October.

Zimbabwe then hosted the qualification for the ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup before it was canceled due to the introduction of travel restrictions for a number of African countries, including Zimbabwe, to the following the appearance of a new variant of the coronavirus last month.

Nine countries – Pakistan, Bangladesh, Thailand, the United States, Sri Lanka, the Netherlands, the West Indies, Ireland and host Zimbabwe – took part in the World Cup qualifier in Harare .

Having the right to host the event and bring in teams for the event during those limited days was a positive thing for local sport and the country as a whole.

The Chevrons have also done a few tours, including a UK tour. Former captain Brendan Taylor played his last international match on this tour as he retired from international cricket in September.

Zimbabwe Cricket then received good news when they were announced as co-hosts of the 2027 ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup alongside South Africa and Namibia by the International Cricket Council, which was a welcome development.

In motorsport, Emmanuel Bako was a forerunner by becoming three-time champion in South Africa after winning many events, including the national motocross championship of this country, in the 85cc Pro Mini category.

The Bogwheelers Club, which leads the motorcycle sport of motocross in this country, also managed to host five rounds of its national championship series as well as the Zimbabwe Summer Series, which took place last weekend at Donnybrook Park Raceway in Harare. .

And seven-year-old driver Victor Nyamupfukudza wrote his own piece of history when he claimed victory in the 50cc class, winning his first major title in his promising career.

The Zimbabwe Summer Series also saw a prominent local businessman, Alex ” Dr Mash ” Mashamhanda, come on board, as he provided financial assistance to Nyamupfukudza, through his company, Mashwede Holdings, and this prompted the promising young rider to claim victory in the 50cc Class.

Donnybrook Raceway Park has also hosted a number of karting events during the year.

Zimbabwean professional golfer Robson Chinhoi has won two Safari Tour Series in Kenya and was crowned 2021 Seed Co Malawi Open champion in Lilongwe.

Bodybuidling was not to be outdone and bodybuilder Regina Jonga stood out at the XFE Classic held in South Africa by winning the women’s first division.

In contrast, for the second year in a row, there are no Football League Champions and Football Star of the Year.

The National Women’s Under-21 Hockey Team cried after the FIH Women’s Junior World Cup of Hockey scheduled to take place in Potchefstroom, South Africa was postponed until the 11th hour due to Covid-19 .

Zimbabwe cricket has been rocked by the Heath Streak scandal which saw it banned by the International Cricket Council from all international cricket for eight years after being found on the wrong side in a match-fixing scandal.

These are some of the highlights of 2021, but looking at the bright side of it, steps have been taken towards the resumption of the sport and hopefully 2022 will bring better fortune.

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HPSNZ to contribute $ 131 million to national sport organizations over the next three years Thu, 16 Dec 2021 21:07:00 +0000

High Performance Sport New Zealand (HPSNZ) will inject $ 131 million into National Sports Organizations (NSOs) over the next three years.

The investment, averaging $ 43.7 million per year for the remainder of the Paris Olympics cycle, was announced on Friday and was the first under HPSNZ’s new targeted investment framework.

Confirmed in March, the 2024 strategy promised more sports and more athletes would be supported than before, with investments confirmed across Olympic cycles providing financial security for organizations and athletes.

No more targeted and country sports, replaced by podium sports and ambitious sports, with an emphasis on balancing short-term performance and high long-term performance.

* Covid blamed as Cycling NZ confirms closure of four development centers
* Joe Schmidt ready to ‘challenge’ All Blacks thinking – just like Ian Foster wants
* Heavy blow for cyclists to come up with four poles of performance development to close
* Tough but fair: The All Blacks plan to stop critics from turning into a finger-pointing exercise

In addition to the $ 43.7 million of direct investment per year in 44 national sports organizations, $ 7.4 million will be invested in wellness initiatives over the next three years.

Sixteen new sports, including basketball, will receive funding through the new $ 27.6 million Aspiration Fund.

Raelene Castle, Managing Director of HPSNZ.

Christel Yardley / Tips

Raelene Castle, Managing Director of HPSNZ.

HPSNZ has been criticized in the past for its lack of funding for basketball, one of the country’s most popular sports. He will receive $ 1.1 million per year.

Other new sports include skateboarding, diving, e-sports, water polo, Para Waka Ama, rock climbing, motocross and touch rugby.

“There have been some outstanding presentations from NSOs which made decisions very difficult, but we are excited about the opportunities that are presented to us,” HPSNZ Executive Director Raelene Castle said in a statement.

“I would say 90 percent constructive and positive and I appreciate it, and yes there are a few sports that have a funding cut that are obviously disappointed. But we’re continuing these conversations with these sports to make sure they can do what they need to do, and we can get the results that we’re looking for. “

Basketball will receive $ 1.1 million per year from HPSNZ.

Masanori Udagawa / Photosport

Basketball will receive $ 1.1 million per year from HPSNZ.

Rowing ($ 7.98 million per year) will receive the most funding from Olympic podium sports, up from the $ 6.4 million received in 2021.

Most podium sports have seen their funding increase, although equestrian sports will receive $ 258,000 less than the $ 1.9 million received in 2021, and cycling ($ 35,000 less) and track and field ( $ 3,000 less) were also cut.

Cycling NZ is expected to receive $ 5.1 million and has been rated under the same criteria as other podium sports. However, the award will be conditional on the outcome of the current independent sports inquiry.

“This doesn’t mean their funding will be cut, it means the focus allocation of that funding could change once we see the results of this review,” Castle said.

The $ 7.4 million allocated to wellness initiatives includes funding for the first of several wellness managers for NSOs, increased access to independent support services.

Castle said HPSNZ will also work closely with NSOs to improve mental health literacy and athlete voices across the system.

Cycling NZ is the subject of an independent investigation following the death of Olivia Podmore.

Dean Mouhtaropoulos / Getty Images

Cycling NZ is the subject of an independent investigation following the death of Olivia Podmore.

“We want to empower athletes to have a voice and to be able to influence decisions that affect them. We will work with NSOs to ensure that the athlete voice mechanism in sport is fit for purpose as well as to develop an effective system-wide athlete voice mechanism.

“We recognize and understand that more work needs to be done in this area and this investment and our continued work with sport is aimed at ensuring that performance environments empower and support individuals and allow them to thrive on and off the sport. playground. “

In another change, the old grants for carded athletes and performance enhancement were replaced with personalized athlete performance support (Taps), with $ 25 million to be spent to support up to 420 athletes, up from 345. in the previous system.

The move to Taps, which guarantees support for at least three years and can be supplemented with Excellence Grants, will see direct financial support to athletes increase from around $ 6.7 million in 2021 to $ 8.4 million. dollars in 2022.

“Taps includes a Foundation Training Grant designed to provide a basic level of financial support for the training needed as a top-performing athlete, with the option of working and / or studying part-time. “

Snow sports funding for the Milan 2026 window will be confirmed after the Beijing Winter Olympics next year.


  • Direct investment of $ 43.7 million per year in 44 national sports organizations over the next three years
  • $ 7.4 million in additional investments in wellness initiatives
  • $ 25 million in direct financial support for athletes through Tailored Athlete Pathway Support
  • 16 new sports to receive a high performance investment

Podium sport (10) – Rowing, cycling, yachting, athletics, canoe races, equestrian sports, rugby sevens, para-athletics, para-cycling, para-swimming.

Ambitious sports (34) – Hockey, Basketball *, Triathlon, Swimming, Canoe Slalom, Gymnastics, Football, Boxing, Weightlifting, Beach Volley *, Water Polo *, Shooting, Surfing, Golf *, Tennis *, Diving *, Skate *, Karate, Badminton *, Climbing *, Paralympics NZ, Para Canoe, Shooting Para Sport, Para Waka Ama *, Cricket, Rugby League (women) *, Squash *, Surf Life Saving, Bowls, Softball, Touch *, Moto *, E Sports * , Orientation course *.

* New Sports for HPSNZ investment (i.e. did not receive HPSNZ base investment in 2021).

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10 most iconic vehicles in the franchise Wed, 15 Dec 2021 04:23:01 +0000

From 1997, the RGT series has undergone massive improvements over the years. Open-world action-adventure games are a beloved franchise because of their gripping storylines and intricate details. As a result, Rockstar has released several titles, expansion packs and many updates for GTA online. Fans saw the series development from the 2D Universe to the more familiar games of the HD Universe.

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There are several makes of cars throughout the franchise, seen in various advertisements. However, it is only GTA IV that the manufacturers had a larger presence and were visible on the vehicles themselves. There are now several car manufacturers and dozens of car models that have been created for the series, including a few recurring vehicles.

ten The Bobcat continues to truck

GTA Bobcat vehicle

The Bobcat is an iconic pickup truck first seen in GTA III, and he retained a place in the Rockstar franchise. Since the appearance of the car in RGT: San Andreas, its name “Bobcat” can be seen on the back of the truck in bold type. Fans believe the vehicle is based on a typical Ford pickup truck from the 1990s.

This model is made by the in-game car company, Vapid. Although not a particularly fast mode of transport, the strength and reliable handling of the Bobcat can cause serious damage. GTA V introduced a variant of the model called the Bobcat XL where some of these trucks also have a bedspread.

9 The Hydra is GTA’s first fighter plane

GTA Hydra plane

The Hydra is a military fighter aircraft armed with an explosive cannon and missiles. The aircraft was first seen in GTA San Andreas and also appears in GTA online. The vehicle has a vertical takeoff and landing system that can come in handy when tracking and targeting enemies.

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This vehicle is the fastest armed aircraft in the series with the exception of the V-65 Molotok, which was released in the Smuggler’s Run update for GTA Online. The Hydra can effectively bring players from A to B and deploy heat-resistant flares to evade locked attacks.

8 The Sanchez is the most versatile motorcycle

Moto GTA Sanchez

From Vice City to GTA V Los Santos, this bike has been an essential vehicle for most of the series. The motorcycle is clearly based on the off-road motorcycles used in the cross-country racing sport, motocross. Even the sound of the Sanchez mimics the hard-working motor of a real motocross bike.

The Sanchez is an extremely versatile land vehicle. Players can weave through traffic, speed up on sand, and climb mountains with steep inclines. The suspension of the bike is very impressive and absorbs heavy impacts well on most terrains. In the HD universe, Maibatsu Corporation is the manufacturer of this motorcycle.

seven The Banshee performs well in street racing

Super car GTA V Banshee

One of the fastest and most recurring cars in the series is the Banshee. The sports car has been included in every title since GTA III, and the handling of the vehicle has improved with each version. The game’s car company, Bravado, is making the supercar as well as the new model in GTA Online, the Banshee 900R.

The Banshee often has an iconic stripe running down the center of the car. Some models are convertible while others have a fixed roof, and in the HD universe, some Banshees appear with a vented hood. This fast car is ideal for street racing and has good brakes to tackle tight bends.

6 The Maverick is a convenient way to travel

Helicopter Helitours Maverick from GTA IV

Another VTOL vehicle is the Maverick, one of the franchise’s first unarmed helicopter models. GTA Vice City introduced fans to this civilian helicopter, which has been included in almost every version since.

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The plane is generally easy to find as the model is used by police, news agencies and the Helitours travel agency (as seen in GTA IV). Due to its availability, the Maverick is often used to quickly reach the tops of buildings or fly over open water. In GTA IV, the helicopter is manufactured by Western Company while in GTA V, the aircraft is manufactured by Buckingham.

5 The rhino can blow up his enemies

GTA V Rhino tank

An exciting vehicle in the franchise is the Rhino – an army tank for those who need to let off steam. This tank is an upgrade to the original tank seen in the 2D universe. The rhino first appeared in GTA III and is the most iconic armored vehicle in the series.

The Rhino has a powerful cannon and can go through almost any obstacle. However, its slow speed and acceleration can be a downside. Newer tanks have since been added to the franchise in GTA V, like the T-34-85. Doomsday Heist update in GTA Online Also introduces players to the TM-02 Khanjali.

4 BMX allows Bunny Hop players

GTA San Andreas CJ on a BMX

This bike is what players would expect in size and shape. It allows players to perform wheelies, bunny jumps, and shoot weapons while peddling. BMX made its debut in RGT: San Andreas, where it was also used for an exclusive side mission.

The BMX challenge can be found in the Glen Park skate park. Players must collect all checkpoints before the time runs out. However, some of the checkpoints are in hard-to-reach places and require players to gain momentum and airtime on the vertical skate ramps.

3 The comet was designed with speed in mind

Red Comet GTA V

For years, the comet has roamed the streets of Vice City, Liberty City and Los Santos. This fast and dynamic sports car is made by the automaker Pfister.

The company logo closely resembles the Porsche badge. The comet also appears to have been influenced by the Porsche 993 and the Porsche 911 Carrera 4, which was once a Bond car from the movie, Die another day. The Comet Safari is a variation of the model, which was released with the update The Doomsday Heist for GTA online.

2 Stretch allows players to travel in style

GTA V Stretch on the Vinewood Walk of Fame

A luxurious way to travel through the city is in a Stretch Limousine. This vehicle has been featured in every game since GTA III. However, GTA: Chinatown Wars has a similar model which is simply called “Limo”.

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Due to the length of the vehicle, the Stretch is not suitable for off-road or dangerous journeys. In GTA San Andreas and GTA V, the Stretch is often found downtown near the Vinewood Walk of Fame on Vinewood Boulevard. The car company that makes the Stretch is called Dundreary. Their logo is similar to that of the real-world automotive brand, Lincoln, which specializes in luxury vehicles.

1 Seashark flies over players on the water

Jet ski Seashark from GTA_V

The Jet Ski is a water boat that only appeared in three RGT titles, and each game gives the vehicle a different name. In GTA: Chinatown Wars, the fast cruising boat is called the ‘wet ski’, while GTA: Stories of Vice City keep the name simple with “Jetski.”

In GTA V, the vehicle is called Seashark. This jet ski is especially important during the mission “Daddy’s Little Girl”, where the protagonist, Michael, is forced to save his daughter and escape using the Seashark. As always, Rockstar gave the vehicle maker a funny name. The company responsible for the Seashark is called Speedophile.

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