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Cem Bolukbasi started his life in motorsport on two motocross racing wheels, then four little ones in karting, and then no wheels other than the one attached to his bedroom desk. Now he’s running 180 miles an hour in F3 and has a realistic chance of becoming the first player to get behind the wheel of a Formula 1 car.

The path from a speed-obsessed toddler to a professional racing driver has never been easy, and it is far from meritocratic. It is no coincidence that half of the current F1 grid has either a former racing driver or a millionaire, or both, as their father.

Bolukbasi has neither. It was his father’s friends who encouraged him to take his son to a race track, and he was immediately amazed by the adrenaline rush of motocross racing, the motorcycles raced around a small dirt track. made of sharp turns and jumps.

At five years old, Bolukbasi entered the track for the first time. His feet couldn’t even touch the ground, so if he wanted to stop he had to either fall or find his dad to hold the bike as he got off. At six, he was Turkish champion – but his parents started to lose their temper. He had to ramp up, where the bikes were bigger and the jumps bigger. Karting has become the safest option. He quickly rose through the ranks on the Turkish scene and started racing internationally, but even then the cost of travel to Italy, Germany and Spain started to catch up with the Bolukbasi family.

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James Baldwin: Meet the world’s fastest player who had his chance to make a career in racing thanks to eSports

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff recently described F1 as “a club of billionaire boys”, estimating a “good” kart season to be around € 250,000 (£ 213,000), with at least two years of experience required to win a seat in a more serious series.

Bolukbasi was not a member of the billionaire boys’ club, far from it, and without the willingness of big sponsors to foot the bill.

He did, however, have a computer and enough money to buy the 2013 F1 game. It wasn’t the same, but it was something. His laptop at the time was not technically compatible, however, so he drove with the handbrake on. There was no force feedback, the vibrations that modern F1 games create in order to give the car a fairly precise semblance of driving.

“I actually didn’t know I didn’t have force feedback so it felt normal for a long time,” Bolukbasi said. I.

“And because it was a MacBook, it was mostly like 25 frames per second, or something crazy like that. It was like watching a slideshow.

“But I still played this game for about 400 hours, so that didn’t really stop me from playing it!”

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Lewis Hamilton: Why crash gave Mercedes an edge over Max Verstappen and Red Bull in F1 title race

Previously, weekends were spent riding through Europe and tune-up a kart.

“I would wake up on Saturday and start playing a few games until I went to bed. I was just playing all day, maybe sometimes 10 to 12 hours a day, sometimes more, I just enjoyed it. And I was really motivated because I couldn’t drive these cars in real life.

It was just a hobby to start with. Simulation racing, as it is now called, didn’t really exist as a career, and certainly not as a route to “real world” racing. But Bolukbasi has always remained hopeful.

“I always wanted to know if I was able to show my talent on the eSport scene or as on the video game scene [whether I could] going back to real racing life, and I’ve always had that in mind, ”he says.

Bolukbasi competing at the 2017 F1 eSports Series where he made his breakthrough (Photo: Getty)

In 2017, F1 organizers saw the multi-million dollar gaming industry worth and Bolukbasi was competing in an open qualifier for a flagship event in Abu Dhabi. After spending thousands of hours on the game, combined with his natural talent, Bolukbasi defeated a field of 60,000 and then won one of two races in the Grand Final in the Middle East. This put him on the radar of esports teams and McLaren invited him to their hospitality suite. Two-time F1 world champion Fernando Alonso awaited him with an offer for a place in his racing simulation team, a joint venture with G2 eSports FA Racing.

It was not an offer to refuse and suddenly Bolukbasi was facing Alonso in a virtual showdown live on Sky Sports.

But Bolukbasi’s dreams were even bigger. He always had in mind the idea that he could and should have the chance to prove himself in the real world. The only problem was that he didn’t have a driver’s license. Despite all of his sim racing experience, he couldn’t actually drive. So when a BMW team in Turkey took him to the south of France and put him in a GT4 race at Paul Ricard, just to see what he could do in a real car, there was some operational issues.

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“I qualified for that and then I got to the pits. Said Bolukbasi.

“You have to park at 45 degrees, nose out, and I didn’t know how to do it, so I jumped out of the car and gave it to my teammate to park the car. I said “sorry, I can only drive around corners, you have to park it!”.

Aside from early youthful issues, Bolukbasi is now two years into his professional pilot career and is climbing the ranks, living the dream to some extent. With the Dutch team Van Amersfoort Racing, where Max Verstappen cut his teeth, he is competing in the Euroformula Open Championship this year in single-seaters. We talk like he’s in a hotel room in Berlin, but he tells me his next month will see him head to the Red Bull Ring in Austria and the famous Monza circuit. He is living the dream, I suggest with some jealousy. Not quite, he seems to indicate in return. F1 remains the objective.

“We know we can do well in the championship, and with every race we add something. We are improving, ”said Bolukbasi, having already claimed a race victory and two more podiums in his six races so far this season. (He only joined his current series in July).

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Video player turned racer James Baldwin describes the ‘wary’ grid after winning his GT3 debut: ‘They kept telling me not to crash’

“So we know we can improve a lot. I want to switch to Formula 2 next year, and I want to be ready to do so for the next two years.

“In a few years, our most important goal is to be the first driver to switch from F1 eSport to real Formula 1.

“I think it would be pretty amazing, if we can, if we can do it.

“I would be the first Turkish driver in F1 and I’m already the first Turkish driver to win a single-seater race, and the first eSports driver to win a formula race as well.

The hope is that Cem can be a pioneer. Estimates of the bottom-up cost in motor racing have been set at € 8million (£ 6.84million). Cem Bolukbasi will have spent a fraction if he succeeds in F1. And where we go, others must surely follow.

The 2021 F1 Esports Series Pro Championship kicks off with the Preview Show on September 15 from 7:30 p.m. BST and can be watched on the official F1 sites YouTube, Facebook and Twitch.

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Racerhead # 37 – Racer X Sat, 11 Sep 2021 00:02:13 +0000

Welcome to Racerhead, on the eve of the last day of the 2021 season, at least here in the United States. The Hangtown Classic will mark the 12e and final round of the Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross. Last weekend we crowned the 450 champion as Dylan Ferrandis of Monster Energy / Star / Yamaha Racing became the first Frenchman in 30 years – since Jean-Michel Bayle – to win the 450 title, as well as the only Frenchman. to win AMA Pro Motocross titles in consecutive seasons. Dylan and his team both won the Edison Dye Cup in their very first season in the class. The 250 title (and the Gary Jones Cup that goes with it) is still up for grabs between Team Honda HRC’s Jett Lawrence and Star Racing’s Justin Cooper. If Lawrence wins, he will be the first Honda factory team rider since Steve Lamson in 1996 to win this title, as well as the first Australian in the 250 class (Chad Reed won the 450 title in 2009). And if Cooper wins, he’ll be yet another 250 MX Star Yamaha machine champion, following in the footsteps of Jeremy Martin, Cooper Webb, Aaron Plessinger and, last year, Ferrandis. But Cooper has his work cut out for him as red Lawrence has a 23-point lead after his 1-1 finishes at Ironman and then Fox Raceway in Pala last week.

And for the Hangtown Classic, tomorrow’s race is a welcome return for what is in fact the longest-running event on the national program, and generally the first in the series. In 2020, the Dirt Diggers North Motorcycle Club, which first hosted this race in the late 1960s, had to cancel due to COVID-19 restrictions. They also wanted to go last in 2021 to give themselves the best chance of being able to go, because last winter it looked like the pandemic would now be over. Sadly, it’s not over yet, but the State of California is still letting the Prairie City OHRV Park host a race and a crowd this weekend. And that means the five tracks that all had to stay in 2020 – Unadilla, Southwick, High Point, Budds Creek and Hangtown – have all been put on the schedule in 2021.

That’s not to say there weren’t any concerns about Hangtown. There were other threats to the event, including drought here in California, which means there is a water shortage, as well as the ensuing wildfires around Lake Tahoe, which did not is not far from this track. In fact, it rained last night here, a blessed and welcome event. It won’t be mud by any means, and the rain certainly helped the track team (and firefighters).

With Dylan Ferrandis having won the Class 450 title, someone asked whether or not he would be able to step down to Class 250 for this final race if he wanted to (although he didn’t don’t want it). The answer is yes; there is no rule in Pro Motocross that requires a rider to stay in one class or the other for the entire series, although he can only race one class in any given race. In 2001, Ricky Carmichael did so, having won the 250 (now 450) title earlier. At the time, RC was tied with Mark Barnett for the most 125 domestic wins at 25 apiece, so the factory Kawasaki rider lined up a KX125 for the final round of the series, Steel City in Pennsylvania. Ricky won (with a little help from Mike Brown) and took sole possession of the record in what turned out to be his last race with Kawasaki. In three years, James Stewart erased this record and brought it to 28 victories.

And speaking of 2001, the Steel City National took place on Sunday, September 2nd. After the race, Carmichael stayed around Steel City, as did the Honda team. Carmichael had already signed a deal for 2002 and beyond and immediately wanted to get a feel for the bike as he would be riding his new Honda CR250 at the 2001 FIM Motocross of Nations, to be held in Namur, Belgium, in two weeks. time.

Of course, that all changed on September 11, 2001. Terrorists hijacked four commercial flights filled with unconscious passengers and crashed the planes into the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York, the Pentagon in Washington, DC, and in a field. in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. The world as we know it would never be the same, we know it now, but on that terrible day it was hard to tell what was going on. The very idea of ​​an American contingent of three runners — Carmichael, Kevin Windham and Mike Brown – and their respective teams, family and officials heading to Europe just a week later was suddenly absurd.

Two decades later, we are on the eve of the 20e anniversary of that terrible day, and commemorations are held across the country as people remember and relate where they were that day, watching it all unfold and what it all meant in hindsight. But one story from that day has been largely unrecognized – until now. What happened to Team USA 2001 and the three motorcycles that were to head to Namur, Belgium? Our colleague and special contributor Brett Smith from WeWentFast has just published his latest article “No Planes in the Sky: The Grounding of Team USA 2001”. And you can read it here, for free:

And speaking of September 11, take a moment tomorrow to think about how much we lost in this terrible attack, not just the people, but the freedoms we all seemed to take for granted until that fateful day. September 11, 2001 changed the world, and it still hasn’t changed back. What a different world we were living in on September 10, 2001 …

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Stateline Speedway put up for sale | News, Sports, Jobs Wed, 08 Sep 2021 05:04:52 +0000

Stateline Speedway was offered for sale by its owners. The track, located in the town of Busti, opened in 1956 and was last sold in 2015. File photo PJ

BUSTI – Stateline Speedway in Busti Town has gone on sale.

The list of the ERA team vice president’s 1/3 mile oval dirt race track was released late last week. Michael McVinney, a Jamestown-based real estate broker, said talks to market the 65-year-old runway began a few months ago and were finalized just before closing on Saturday night.

“The most important thing is that they are not currently planning to close at this stage”, McVinney told the Post-Journal Tuesday. “They want people to take it over and pursue it and maybe add it on for other events. This is really the most important thing.

The current owners are part of JJB Holdings Inc. They finalized the purchase of the Kortwright Road track in late summer 2015 after previously operating the facility under a lease with Seamens Speedway Inc .

McVinney said he has already received phone calls regarding the property. The sale would include 97 acres of land, the property’s buildings and equipment.

The current asking price is $ 899,000.

“There have been calls, and not just locally, but from outside the area”, he said.

The list includes the following summary: “Stateline Speedway… began a quest to find the right people to continue the long tradition of racing in Chautauqua County, New York. They won’t be closing their doors, it’s just a good time to consider the next leg of Stateline Speedway’s legacy. The current owners hope to find the right people who can not only maintain everything that has been created, but also add new excitement and put their own stamp on it.

Improvements were made to the track after it was purchased about six years ago. In addition, McVinney believes that a new owner would have the opportunity to expand the events held on the track, including motocross and BMX races.

The track hosts races until Labor Day.

Stateline Speedway opened on July 21, 1956, thanks to the efforts of Len Briggs, Lloyd Williams, Marv Thorpe, Don Frank and Jerry Frank. Mother Nature had pushed back the opening by two weeks, and although the rain had cast a shadow over that day as well, the sun finally came out and the race was on.

In total, 1,700 spectators showed up to see 22 runners compete for a guaranteed purse of $ 1,500 with $ 300 for the winner. Emory Mahan, of Warren, Pa., Driving a 1955 Chevrolet won this first race.

According to Randy Anderson, president of the Chautauqua Sports Hall of Fame, the track hosted a NASCAR race on July 16, 1958, with a purse of $ 4,200. The NASCAR-sanctioned race drew an estimated crowd of 3,500 who paid $ 3 admission.

However, as Anderson noted in a post on the Hall of Fame website, many of the sport’s biggest names did not show up for the race.

According to an account of the race in The Post-Journal, “Bad luck continued to plague operators at Stateline, who thought they had a full NASCAR show signed, sealed and delivered. However, several top drivers failed to show up. in Raleigh, NC, which opened a salary dispute, would have delayed most of the NASCAR stars who remained in the southern city to continue their fundraising efforts. “

Fritz Seamens bought Stateline Speedway in 1984.

More information on the sale can be found at:

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BSB Snetterton: FHO Racing launches new initiative to support two riders Sat, 04 Sep 2021 09:25:57 +0000

Scarlett Robinsion (left) and Charlotte Marcuzzo (right) will receive support from Faye Ho’s squad


FHO Racing has announced a new collaboration with two women in the British HEL Performance Junior Supersport Championship.

The new initiative will see Faye Ho’s Bennetts British Superbike team working closely with Charlotte Marcuzzo, 16, and Scarlett Robinson, 17, in the Junior category. Both drivers will use FHO Racing’s distinctive livery for the remainder of the season and will be supported by team members.

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Marcuzzo won the British Mini Grand Prix winter series in 2019 before narrowly missing out on the regular season title in the final race of the year. Marcuzzo also obtained his ACU license and made his debut in the Bemsee Team Green Junior Supersport Championship, winning two fifths and two thirds in his first race meeting at Cadwell Park.

The 16-year-old finished her 2020 campaign sixth overall, but was the best-placed 300cc rider as those ahead of her were riding Kawasaki 400ccs. Marcuzzo finished the season with a podium.

“For starters the new livery we have for this weekend is amazing and I think this is just the start to get us noticed on the track,” said Marcuzzo. “These are definitely faster colors so hopefully we can get into the rhythm right away and keep moving forward. Faye is really strong and she’s already helped build our confidence so I’m thrilled. to work together. “

Robinson has raced in several different disciplines over the years, including motocross, supermoto, and circuit racing. Robinson finished second in the Supermono GB Junior Championship in 2019. Last year, Robinson made an appearance in the Junior Supersport season finale at Donington Park, while competing in the 2021 Thundersport Superteens series, alongside other championships, on a Kawasaki 400cc.

“It’s huge for me and I feel like we’re already getting more noticed, especially because of the color scheme,” said Robinson. partners, who allow us to race. I want to thank Faye for her support and look forward to being associated with FHO Racing. “

Team manager Faye Ho is pushing for greater representation of women in motorcycle racing. Ho is currently the only female team owner in the paddock, while the grids are mostly made up of male riders.

“I am delighted to announce our new association with Charlotte and Scarlett for the remainder of the season,” said Ho. “It has always been a huge ambition for me to become a team owner in the Bennetts British Superbike Championship, and making that dream come true this season has been a huge achievement for me, especially being the only woman currently in this position.

“I wanted to share this experience of achieving a goal, and I feel really motivated to champion the recognition of more women in sport. This new association means that as a winning team in the biggest championship British Motorsport, we can offer tips and advice on how to further their careers and truly stand up for women in sport.

“I hope this new collaboration will also bring new interest to the project, and we welcome any brands that would like to join together to support their dream to get in touch.”

Marcuzzo and Robinson will race in the colors of FHO Racing at Snetterton this weekend.

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SunLive – Raising the Bar for Women in Motorcycling Wed, 01 Sep 2021 06:00:00 +0000

Penny and Hazel Lang are two girls to watch in the New Zealand junior women’s motocross scene, said Sandra Perry, New Zealand female motorcycling commissioner.

Penny, about to be 13, and Hazel, 10, got a lot of help from their mother, Melissa Mudgway, herself a former female motocross racer, learning the basics – they’re young women like this we want to see. more. They are our future, “says Sandra.

“Both parents, extended family and clubs nurtured these two incredibly talented young women and this is the focus of the MNZ Women’s Commission.

“It probably helps that motocross runs as a family with the two girls having the support of their uncle Aaron Mudgway and cousin Daryl Hurley.

“The Lang sisters started racing in March 2016, with Penny now No.2 New Zealand in the 12-16 age group and Hazel No.2 nationally in the 8-11 division.

“If a sport is to thrive, the culture has to be positive, progressive and inclusive – it’s a great sport – we have to make it a positive experience for girls who want to get involved and attractive to the majority of girls who may want to. to do. try it, ”says father and husband Nick Lang.

“The Women’s Commission aims to change the culture so that it is conducive to inclusion, growth and, most importantly, fun – my daughters, their friends and sport will only be better.

“I would love to see clubs run flat track or natural terrain races, as well as support and promote novice and junior girls’ classes to get more girls to try and have fun with their friends,” Nick said. .

“We now have a social media presence for the Women’s Commission which raises the profile of women and girls at all levels and interests and it is encouraging to see a notable connection between women in all aspects of sport, which whether in competition, leisure or volunteering, ”says Sandra.

“It’s exciting to see the success of girls like the Lang sisters and we can’t wait to see more – that’s the goal of the Women’s Commission.”

-Andy McGechan,

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Summer is not over yet! Coronado Island Film Festival Summer Surf Series at Del Beach Wed, 25 Aug 2021 01:15:16 +0000

Summer is not over yet and the Coronado Island Film Festival (CIFF) is not ready to say goodbye to our sunny days in the sand! The Summer Surf Series will end on August 29 with the highly anticipated screening of A Life of Endless Summers: The Bruce Brown Story. The film screening was postponed from the 2020 film festival due to COVID restrictions at the time. The feature-length documentary is an intimate look at the legacy of Bruce Brown, lovingly captured by his son, renowned filmmaker, director and producer, Dana Brown. Part retrospective and road trip part, the film brings together family and friends and skillfully captures the spirit of a pioneer in cinema who has clearly passed on his legacy and life lessons to the next generation. The screening will be followed by a Q + A with Dana Brown and her daughters, Jade and Ellie.

– Advertising –

Bruce Brown is considered by many to be the father of action sports films, a genre for which he rose to fame with his iconic 1966 film. Endless summer. Moving away from surfing, he ventured into the world of motocross and won an Oscar nomination in 1972 for best feature documentary for his film. Any Sunday with Steve McQueen. Through his documentaries, he changed perceptions of surf and motocross cultures and presented sports films to audiences around the world.

The screening will be integrated into a wider calendar of events as part of the ROXY experience on the beach, organized at the Hotel del Coronado, from August 23 to September 6. ROXY brand sportswear will host athlete meetups, a Roxy pool party, yoga, giveaways, surf lessons, cooking experiences, games and more over the next two weeks! The ROXY team may have a few surprise guests who will join Dana Brown on the red carpet on August 29 for a pre-screening meetup!

Plan to arrive early and enjoy the sunset and complimentary Endless Summer Seltzer tastings. Food and drink will be available for purchase (not included in the ticket price) and plenty of photo opportunities to capture the epitome of endless summer night in California!

Ticket prices range from general admission at $ 55 to a VIP Roast experience for four that includes s’mores, a daybed, and two additional chairs, all set up around your private bonfire for $ 425. . All guests will enjoy a gift bag with a limited edition commemorative poster designed by Troy Lee and other goodies. Pro tip: Bring a warm blanket or jacket – when the sun goes down the beach can get very cold.

For tickets and information:

For information on the ROXY on the beach Experience visit:

Be civilized. Comments will be deleted if they violate our T & Cs. Comments closed after 14 days.

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Local Motorsport Review: Jeremy Martin de Millville is back on track to win third pro motocross race of the season Sun, 22 Aug 2021 19:19:27 +0000

Martin continued his division dominance on Saturday, winning the overall 250 class at Budds Creek Motocross Park in Mechanicsville, Md. Martin placed third in race one and won race two. It was enough to edge Australia’s Jett Lawrence – who finished second in both races – for the overall victory in the ninth round of the 12-round national championship series.

There are three rounds – six bikes – left in the season, but Martin is likely out of the national championship race despite being the series’ best rider in the second half of the season.

Martin finished second overall in the first round of the series on May 29 at Fox Raceway in Pala, Calif., Then won the first race the following week at Thunder Valley in Lakewood, Colorado. In the second race that day, however, Martin fell. his bike after landing in a soft spot on the track. He suffered two broken fingers and aggravated wrist and shoulder injuries which he had suffered for more than three months. He missed the rest of this bike, as well as the two bikes at High Point Raceway in Mt. Morris, Pa. On June 19.

Martin chose to postpone the surgery and run through the discomfort and pain. He returned July 3 to RedBud in Buchanan, Michigan, and then two weeks later claimed his first overall win of the season at his home track, Spring Creek MX Park in Millville.

He’s won two more times since, but Martin’s absence from those three early-season races did indeed allow Justin Cooper and Lawrence to walk away in the national championship race. After the races last weekend, Cooper holds a slim three-point lead over Lawrence (367-364). Martin is 57 points behind Lawrence for second place and 60 points behind Cooper.

“I don’t know how much I like being the man in the middle,” Martin said of getting into a battle with Cooper and Lawrence. “It’s racing, it’s part of sport, and I missed three full races this year. Upon entering (Saturday), I had no idea how it would be. I don’t know if I’ve ever won a motorbike (at Budds Creek).

“I had a great start in the second run and I started from there. Was able to win this race and get the third (overall) of the season.

The AMA Pro Motocross Series will travel to Ironman Raceway in Crawfordsville, Indiana this Saturday and then end the season with races at Fox Raceway on September 4 and Prairie City SVRA in Rancho Cordova, Calif. On September 11.

Rochester’s Dustin Sorensen did not run for points at Deer Creek Speedway this summer. If he had, the young USRA Modified rider could very well be at the top of the standings.

Sorensen only raced six of 13 nights at Deer Creek this summer.

He won the feature film on five of those six evenings.

Sorensen did it again on Saturday, starting eighth and making his way through the top four rows of cars to win his fifth race of the year. Zack Vanderbeek of New Sharon, Iowa, was second, followed by Alex Williamson of Rushford in third.

Teenager Jim Chisholm of Osage, Iowa, won his fourth straight USRA B-Modifieds Track Championship in style, winning for the ninth time in 13 starts this summer at Deer Creek. Brandon Hare of Elma, Iowa, was second and Alex Schubbe of North Mankato was third.

Winona’s Brandon Duellman won the Wissota Super Stocks feature, Braden Brauer of Eyota won the Wissota Street Stocks feature, and Ellendale’s Kadden Kath won the Wissota Midwest Modifieds feature.

The track champions will be officially announced after the star races this Saturday, August 28.

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Back on track: local racer returns to where he started – Austin Daily Herald Wed, 11 Aug 2021 04:14:00 +0000

Ryan Soucek was back where it all began on the dirt road at the Mower County Fair on Tuesday, and he couldn’t help but smile.

Soucek, who attends Hayfield High School, was back in the Motokazie Supercross series, the same place he first considered competing four years ago. Ryan decided to give Motokazie a try after participating in a fun race that year.

“I’ve always loved sports since my dad bought me my first bike when I was six,” Ryan said. “I used to drive in the backyard, but when I walked out to the fair I fell in love with it even more. “

Ryan has now brought his cousin Gage, who attends Ellis Middle School, for the ride. Gage was attending the Mower County Fair for the first time on Tuesday.

“My friend got me off-road riding and then Ryan got me into motocross,” Gage said. “It can be scary, but it’s fun at the same time.”

Ryan said that riding the Motokazie circuit is a great way to get out and make new relationships, while also finding a way to compete.

“It’s competitive and it’s fun. It’s a great way to meet people outside of my group of friends, ”Ryan said. “It was really nice to be back in front of the home crowd tonight. In some other races, it’s mostly family. It’s nice to have a lot of people here.

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2021 Monster Energy AMA Amateur National Motocross Championship Day 5 Saturday Recap Mon, 09 Aug 2021 13:00:00 +0000

HURRICANE MILLS, Tennessee—The fifth and last day of 40 Monster Energy AMA National Amateur Motocross Championship wrapped up a memorable week of racing at Loretta Lynn’s Ranch. The remaining 17 classes contested their third and final races, as a total of 33 different runners became WADA National Champions in the 2021 event.

After the races were over, each newly crowned champion was celebrated for their outstanding efforts at the awards ceremony. One of the most important accolades of the evening, the Nicky Hayden AMA Motocross Horizon Award 2021, went to Levi Kitchen of Monster Energy / Star / Yamaha Racing, who won the championship titles in 250 Pro Sport and Open Pro Sport and has been recognized as the most promising amateur runner in the country because of it.

Open professional sport

The flagship race of the final day featured one of the tightest championship battles of the 36 classes at Loretta Lynn, as Open Pro Sport saw a three-way tie at the top of the overall standings between Kitchen, Chance Hymas of Monster Energy Kawasaki. Team Green and Bar X / Chaparral / ECSTAR / Preston Kilroy from Suzuki Racing.

As the door fell on the third and final round of this hotly contested division, it was Honda rider Luke Kalaitzian who caught the Stacyc Holeshot, only to be quickly overtaken by Hymas. The Kawasaki rider was well aware of the importance of the moment and wasted no time trying to establish a gap on the field, as Kilroy placed second and Kitchen battled for a spot in the top five.

Hymas set the pace for the field on the first lap and took advantage of a several length lead over Kilroy, but the Kawasaki rider fell and gave up first place. This saw Kilroy take first place, followed by Jace Kessler and Kitchen of JMS Performance Yamaha, while Hymas moved up to fourth. Kilroy was comfortable up front and managed a lead of several seconds until the first half of the race when Kitchen, who had passed for the second, came in close and took on a challenge.

As the race reached halfway, Kitchen went on the attack and was able to catch up with Kilroy a few times, but the Suzuki rider reacted and withstood the pressure. As he re-established a few lengths of the bike above Kitchen, Kilroy’s hopes were dashed in an instant when he chocked his bike as he cruised around a bend. As Kitchen took the lead, Kilroy struggled to relaunch his Suzuki and continued to lose many positions.

With the lead in hand, Kitchen took advantage of a double-digit lead over Hymas in second and Kessler in third. The sailing went smoothly for the Yamaha rider from that point on as he took the motorcycle victory and the Open Pro Sport title with his second consecutive motorcycle victory. Hymas was second, Kessler third. Kilroy eventually recovered and finished 10th.

Open Pro Sport Moto 3 results

  1. Kitchen Levi, Washougal, Wash., Yamaha
  2. Chance Hymas, Pocatello, Idaho, Kawasaki
  3. Jace Kessler, Eagle Michigan, Yamaha
  4. Luke Kalaitzian, Sun Valley, California, Honda
  5. Cullin Park, Clermont, Florida, Honda

Kitchen’s 3-1-1 scores gave him a single point advantage over Hymas for a sweep of the Pro Sport division, where he won the league title in the 250 and Open categories.

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Makorori sand for flying – The Gisborne Herald Fri, 06 Aug 2021 22:50:16 +0000

Posted on August 07, 2021 at 10:45 a.m.


Tight races: Motorcycle racers (left to right) Ben Logan, Michael Fenwick and Ben Delegat circle the cone in tight order at Makorori Beach. The National Beach Racing Championships will take place tomorrow in Makorori. File photo by Liam Clayton

It all kicks off when the Gisborne Motorcycle Sports Club hosts the 2021 National Beach Racing Championships tomorrow in Makorori Beach.

In the open senior class, the road warriors will be well represented. Steve Allen (Honda CBR1000), Dave Campbell (Suzuki Bandit 1100) and Brendon Barwick (Yamaha R6) will push hard to put a road bike first.

But to do that they will have to beat motocross racers like road bike eater Daniel Fogarty (Yamaha YZF450), who has won the national title more than once.

In the 0 to 500cc category, Graham Wedlake (Kawasaki KXF450) will seek to build on his good form from the last meeting, just like Kyle Beckett (Kawasaki KXF450).

Dave Wilson might be using a smaller engine, but these KTM SXF350s aren’t slow by any means. Derek Watson also opted for the smaller, lighter machine as he crushes the sand on his Husqvarna TC350.

The ATV (quad) class had good numbers at the last meeting. Ian Newman talks about his Honda TRX450. Graham Strong (Suzuki LTR450) had three victories at the last meeting and will want to repeat the performance tomorrow.

Natasha Goodall (Suzuki LTR450) and Hawke’s Bay racer Dontage Ifan (Honda TRX450) will be in contention for first place.

The 0-250cc event could be anyone, as so many competitive riders are racing in this category. Ben Logan (Yamaha YZ250), Buck Atkins (KTM 250SXF), Jody Engelbrecht (Yamaha YZ250FX) and Bryce Norman (KTM SX250) are just a few of the riders who will be extending the throttle cables tomorrow.

In the classic class, Graham Wedlake’s two-stroke Suzuki RM370 will have to stay in the power band as he takes on Paul Arnott, who lights up his minty BSA 650. Warren Marten will prioritize reliability over speed on his Honda XL185.

On the women’s side, Brooke Wealleans (Suzuki LTR450) will want to repeat her result from the last meeting – three wins – but will first have to face Natasha Goodall (Suzuki LTR450), Fritha Rau (KTM SX300) and Ella Watson (Honda CRF150), who all have a chance to win the title.

The Junior A, Junior B, Mini 65, Trails and Mini 50 riders will race tomorrow in the demonstration class without points, but that will not slow them down.

A lollipop race will be organized for the children afterwards and the awards ceremony will take place immediately after the meeting.

Registration opens at 8.45 a.m., race from 9.45 a.m. New runners are welcome.

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