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The track at BUNBURY Motorcycle Club will come alive this weekend to host the final round of the 2021 Western Australian Junior and Senior Motocross Championships.

With the sixth round of the Junior Championships scheduled for Saturday 16 October, Bunbury-based rider Jake Rumens will join Western Australia’s top junior riders to race to victory.

Bunbury Motorcycle Club member Jake currently leads the 85cc title in Division 12 under 16 with 347 points, just six points ahead of Manjimup rider Patrick Butler who has 341 points.

After breaking his wrist at last year’s championship, Rumens said he was thrilled to be racing against 40 other junior riders for the 2021 championship race.

“It’s going to be tough, especially with Patrick just six points behind me,” Jake said.

Rolling, jumping and turning is really fun. I definitely have a career goal of running professionally. “

Cavalier Jake Rumens

“I would feel really very accomplished if I came out on top because I worked hard this year. It would be a great relief.

“Running, jumping and taking turns is really fun. I definitely have a career goal of running professionally.”

Jake started riding and racing with the Bunbury Motorcycle Club at the age of four.

Jake’s father Troy Rumens said that although Jake was initially afraid of loud motorcycles, he excelled at the sport quite quickly.

“One day he just sat on a bike and that was it,” Troy said.

“I remember dressing him for school, we used to say his clothes were motorcycle clothes so he actually dresses.”

Runner # 44 Jake Rumens. Photo by Scott Rumens.

Beginning and winning races on a PeeWee 50cc lightweight bike, Jake has now progressed to 85cc and 125cc motorcycles.

It was chosen by Yamaha as a sponsor two years ago and also receives support from Dunlop, NGK Spark Plugs, Promo Shack and Bee Firm NRG.

Bunbury Motorcycle Club President Aaron Chircop said round six of the championships was the last round to end the motocross season.

“Almost all of the classes get this round,” Chircop said.

“It will be huge this year, especially with the good weather forecast. We are expecting a large crowd of around 2,000 people.”

Chircop also revealed that 18-year-old motocross pro Regan Duffy will be competing in the senior championships.

“This will be the last chance people have to see Duffy before he goes overseas,” Chircop said.

The 2021 Smarter Than Smoking Western Australian Motocross Championships kicked off in August 2020 for the first round at the Lightweight Motorcycle Club in Whitby.

The sixth round at Bunbury will host 196 junior competitors on October 16 and 155 senior competitors on October 17.

Chircop said it would definitely be worth watching Jake and Butler go head to head.

“Jakey and Patty finish first and second in every motorcycle race, so this will be the last race that comes out first.

Photo by Mark Heeler.

Photo by Mark Heeler.

“Whoever wins this last race will end up being the State Champion of Western Australia.”

Other Bunbury-based riders in the championships include Austin Ridley and Stuart Eardley-Wilmot (currently fifth and ninth) who will race in the senior MX1 ​​Pro class.

Bunbury Motorcycle Club vice president Luke Few currently leads the veteran category with 318 points, with Chircop himself currently second with 255 points.

The 2021 Junior and Senior Motocross Championships will start at 9 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday with an estimated finish of 4 p.m.

The Junior Day is free for the whole family, with $ 20 Senior Day tickets for adults and free entry for those under 16.


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