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Ex-macomb prosecutor sentenced to trial in corruption case

MONT CLEMENS, Mich. (AP) — A former county prosecutor in Detroit The region was ordered to stand trial for embezzlement and other charges. A judge in Clinton Township issued the decision Friday after Eric Smith’s preliminary review. Smith spent nearly 16 years as Macomb County prosecutor. Authorities alleged he ran a criminal enterprise and embezzled money for country club restoration, home security cameras and other benefits. The state attorney general’s office said it operated accounts containing money from drunk driving cases, bad check cases and assets confiscated in crimes drug related. The alleged scheme dated back to 2012 and totaled $600,000. Smith resigned from his position in March 2020 after facing criminal charges.


Judge awards millions to lawyers Flint water regulation

DETROIT (AP) — A judge awarded about $40 million to senior counsel in a $626 million settlement of the lawsuit related to the Flint water crisis. Millions in additional legal fees will be levied in the coming months as plaintiffs are paid. The decision is one of the last major rulings in a landmark settlement to settle lawsuits against Flint and the state of Michigan on failure to properly treat corrosive water. As a result, lead passed through old pipelines in 2014 and 2015. Flint residents are likely to earn more than $400 million when fees are subtracted. The regulations cover Flint children who have been exposed to water, adults who may show injury, some business owners, and anyone who has paid water bills.


Google is working with Ford on Detroit research center

DETROIT (AP) – Google joined Ford Motor Co. efforts to transform a once dilapidated place Detroit railway station into a research center focused on electric and autonomous vehicles. Ford also announced on Friday that Detroit and the state of Michigan agreed to provide infrastructure and other forms of support for Central Michigan Innovation District which includes the old train depot and other nearby buildings in historic Corktown, just outside the city centre. Ford has announced plans for the Central Michigan Innovation District in 2018, shortly after purchasing the 18-storey train depot. Renovations more than a century old Michigan Central Station could be completed next year. Ford plans to research, test and launch new mobility solutions there.


from michigan court rules for ACLU in the conflict of prison records

BATTLE CREEK, Mich. (AP) — The American Civil Liberties Union won a decision Michigan Supreme Court in a dispute over jail records related to the detention of a Navy veteran in 2018. Calhoun County declined to release the records, saying they may be withheld because the jail was holding a man who was arrested by federal immigration officials. But the Supreme Court says a federal regulation limiting information does not override the terms of Michigan’s open records law. The arrest of Jilmar Ramos Gomez by the federal authorities was a serious mistake. the we citizen was a lance corporal in Marines and received awards for his services in Afghanistan. the ACLU search for medical, audio and video records from the Ramos-Gomez era in Calhoun County jail.


Man charged in fatal outdoor shooting Detroit liquor store

DETROIT (AP) – A 44-year-old man has been charged in the fatal shooting of two men – including a bystander – outside a west side Detroit liquor store. the Wayne County The district attorney’s office said the suspect was arraigned Friday on two counts of first-degree murder. Raymondo Bankhead and 57 years old James Deberry were shot Tuesday morning following an argument that began inside the company between Deberry and the suspect. An employee told the two men to leave the store. The prosecutor’s office said the suspect and Deberry hit each other with metal bars before Deberry was shot. Bankhead, 60, was not involved in the fight and was also shot. He was pronounced dead at the scene. Deberry later died in a hospital.


SUV hits woman multiple times outdoors Detroit school

DETROIT (AP) – Authorities say a young woman was found seriously injured after being repeatedly run over by an SUV in a Detroit school car park. Rudy Harper2nd Deputy Chief with the Detroit Police Department, said Thursday that the 18-year-old had been hospitalized in critical condition and was “clinging on to life”. The woman was injured on Monday morning in the parking lot of the Fisher Superior Academy Magnet before school was in session. Harper says the woman was not associated with the school. Surveillance footage shows the SUV entering the parking lot before rolling over the woman, backing over her and then rolling her over again.


The storm that hit the South, the Midwest brings misery to the Northeast

A major winter storm that has already knocked out power to around 350,000 homes and businesses in Texas to the Ohio Valley is now causing misery in the Northeast. The storm disrupted flights at major hubs in the we Friday, and ice threatened to wreak havoc on road travel and electrical service before the storm headed out to sea late Friday and Saturday. The storm began on Tuesday and moved across the country during the week, causing a deadly tornado in Alabama and dumping over a foot of snow in parts of the Midwest. In Oklahomaa 12-year-old boy was killed by a vehicle while sledding.


Scientists rush to collect winter warming data Big lakes

TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. (AP) – Winter is changing across the Big lakes region, and scientists want to know what that will mean. Teams of more than a dozen we and Canadian universities and government agencies will venture onto the frozen surfaces of the five lakes this month. They will take water samples from under the ice and measure characteristics such as light and nutrient levels. The researchers acknowledge that most of their work on the lakes takes place during the warmer seasons and that they don’t know much about what happens in the winter. They say it’s important to know more now because global warming is bringing milder temperatures and could eventually make ice cover a rarity.


Michigan court rejects card challenge by black lawmakers

LANSING, Mich. (AP) — The Michigan Supreme Court dismissed black lawmakers’ challenge to the new congressional and legislative maps, saying they showed no reason to question the state redistricting commission’s decision to cut majorities-Afro-American seats. In a 4-3 order on Thursday, the majority said the trial failed to show the plans did not comply with federal law. He noted that the expert on the panel had seen a significant number of white cross-votes for black preferred candidates in the Detroit and Saginaw regions, giving African African voters the opportunity to elect representatives of their choice even if they represent no more than half of the voting age population.


Aldrich sexual assault scandal hits away from Blackhawks

the Chicago Blackhawks resolved a pair of lawsuits stemming from the organization’s handling of a former first-round pick’s allegations that he was sexually assaulted by an assistant coach in 2010. But the issues raised by the lawsuits linger, not just in Chicago, but well beyond. After resigning from his position with the Blackhawks, Brad Aldrich worked or volunteered for United States hockey, the Notre Dame University and University of Miami in Ohio before returning to his native country Michigan. He pleaded guilty in 2013 as part of a deal with a prosecutor after being accused of sexually assaulting a high school hockey player.

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