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The new trial of a homicide case in Pontiac which was to begin last Friday has been postponed for several weeks at the request of the accused’s lawyer.

Gregory Kincade, 44, is accused of killing Mecca Shea Ramsey at the Night Riders Motorcycle Club in Pontiac in 2019. Ramsey suffered 12 gunshot wounds and died at the scene on He was 41.

On July 9, Oakland County Circuit Judge Shalina Kumar granted attorney Jerome Sabbota’s request to adjourn the trial until August 20 for “investigation / discovery,” court records show . The “discovery” is the evidence and the elements of the case that the prosecution is required to share with the defense.

Kincade’s trial began in February 2020 in Oakland County Circuit Court, but a case was declared set aside three days later due to a health issue from which Sabbota allegedly suffered.

Kincade is also charged with intent to murder in the shooting of another man, Malcolm Chambers, at the club that same night, as well as gun-related offenses.

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Mecca Shea Ramsey

The new trial was repeatedly scheduled but did not take place due to COVID-19 restrictions at the courthouse.

Trials are gradually resuming in Oakland County Circuit Court, with restrictions and measures in place believed to curb the spread of the virus if an infected person shows up in court.

Among other measures, the number of persons authorized in a courtroom is limited to 25, that is to say only those deemed essential to the proceedings. This represents the judge, clerk and court reporter, deputy prosecutor and officer in charge of the case, defense attorney and defendant, sheriff’s deputies and jurors. Family members of the accused or alleged victims, the media and other interested parties will not be allowed to attend, but the trials will be streamed live via Zoom so they can be viewed remotely. Zoom identification numbers are available from the court.

New procedures for jurors are also in place.

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