Best Motorcycle Boots for Men 2022

What is the history of motorcycle boots?

Oilers, Hells Angels and anyone who has ever ridden a Harley IRL (alone or part of a club) fully understands the appeal. The style was originally made of tough, usually full-grain leather, with a silhouette that extended beyond the ankle. To allow easy access, the upper was roomy, but often featured loops around the opening and on the instep for added security.

In the late 19th century, Frye introduced harness boots, a form of engineer’s boot with an ankle strap attached to metal rings, which was adopted by the United States cavalry. At the end of the First World War, when motorcycle ownership became more popular, they proved to be effective for motorcycle rides, thanks to the way they protected them from the heat emanating from the engine block and exhaust pipes.

How to classify motorcycle boots?

These days, pull-on leather boots that extend past the ankle and feature buckles, studs, or other forms of hardware tend to fall into the category. Some, however, are inspired by those built for motocross racing, a sport that has competitors in full-body protective suits and state-of-the-art flexible boots. Also, many no-frills work boots and engineer boots are used by equestrians.

What really sums up motorcycle boots is attitude. These are the shoes for dissenters, easy runners, people who want to overturn the status quo, or those who just want to emulate that kind of aura every day.

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