Bennick, Braswell and Hawkins talk about RedBud Moto Combine

We had a really cool and complicated program, but everything was very well formatted. We came back with plenty of time, but with a bit of movement, trying to get everything ready, it was crazy. A little hectic, but I had a blast. Michael Byrne was my coach. He was really good. It helped me open stuff, log in a little better. So a big thank you to him. Look forward to talking to him more. I really like him.

It was cool at the Combine. We were able to talk to Jason Weigandt and Sam Nicolini. She was beautiful. They were talking about stuff on social media. I was like, I’ve heard of all this before. I don’t really like to post on social media. I don’t even look at my phone half the time. Honestly, if you asked me right away where it was, I couldn’t tell you. I do not know where it is. So I probably need to do a little better on this stuff, just keep everyone updated. I thought it was really cool to learn.

The food was good. We had fruit, all kinds of good snacks. We had Broc Glover, Michael Byrne, Jeff Stanton. Jeff Stanton was cool. This guy was awesome back then. My father used to tell me stories about him. Broc Glover was really good too. I was able to talk to him after running that last race. I did well in the last run. I got off to a good start and was really patient. I made a pass, I took second place. I was going back on the leader, then I went down that hill and went to take a left. On the last lap, I was a little too aggressive, I guess, coming in. I returned to the front. I looked up before I fell, because I don’t really like falling with my eyes closed. I like to see what I hit. It was a big, old tree right here. I am not joking. It was just a big, old tree. I hit that joker first, I completely raised my visor. I looked to my left because everyone was screaming. I think to myself, where do they all come from? They were all yelling at me. They said, “Pick it up! Pick it up!” I’m like, “I’m trying. I’m trying to pick it up. I don’t want to lose.” So, I pick this thing up, but my grip was stuck under the lost tuff block. I was like, this gun son. We’ll have to grab him by the seat. So, I grabbed him by the seat, and I put my hand on something very hot and it burned my glove. I took out that joker and flipped it over, picked it up so fast. I jumped on it and got this guy. He bypassed the outside because I was in the main line. He almost crashed and I shot him. We did a drag race and two turns later, neck and neck across the finish line. I’m like, son of a gun, I lost to this joker. Then I leave and I hear it was for second place overall. I was like, “Oh, my God, Cade. What are you doing?” I have a little homework ahead of me. I’m going to go home, practice, get ready. I had a blast. Thanks guys.

A bumpy day. Obviously, you had the speed. You probably felt good enough for second place of the day. Just tell me how it went and how you felt on the bikes.
Talon Hawkins: Honestly, the first run got off to such a great start. I didn’t have the best start overall, but I went from seventh on the first lap and was able to work my way up to second. I started to get a little closer, then my front tire blew. It was like a lap before the finish line. It was just before the finish line. Ended up slipping off the lip of this one, doing like a 180 then sold by the yard. Long story short, I ended up with a bruise on my leg. Honestly, it’s a giveaway for the severity of the accident. So I was lucky to get away from that and be able to line up for the second run. The second moto didn’t go as planned. I got off to a horrible start. Then I just wasn’t able to ride like me. Did not ride smoothly. So I know what I have to work on at Baker’s Factory. This is where I have been training for the past few months. So, I will continue to work hard and make the most of these days.

How badly did the bruise affect you in round two? Was it pretty bad?
No. It didn’t affect me at all. I can’t blame him for that. I feel good. I walk. Was good. I just didn’t have it in the second. I will work there. I will roll in the mud. I don’t know if we have to flood the track or something. I am a boy from Cali. No excuses. Must be able to ride anything. So I’m going to work hard, like I said, and try to get back to the next race.

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