AOE electric motorcycle is a hallmark of Scandinavian engineering and design

Norwegian electric vehicle company AOE Mobility had something in store this Halloween for all children 18 and over. AOE launched their AOE Bike, a fully electric, zero-emission motorcycle that wouldn’t look out of place in Tron, The Matrix, or any other virtual world, including the Metaverse. The gorgeous, futuristic design is a no-brainer, but what really struck us was the available sidecar.

“We are delighted to take our tech company out of stealth mode and announce the unveiling of AOE Bike, an all-electric and eco-friendly motorcycle from Scandinavia,” said Jakob Kirsebom Lanto, CEO and co-founder of AOE Mobility.

The AOE bike has an optional sidecar which not only offers extra space for your bags, surfboards or other sports equipment. In typical Scandinavian fashion, the sidecar also houses an extended-range battery for extra-long journeys. “The overall design of AOE Bike is quite futuristic,” said Espen Kvalvik, CTO and co-founder of AOE Mobility. No kidding, this electric bike is guaranteed to turn heads wherever you ride, and the inclusion of a sidecar further adds a ‘badass’ factor to the overall aesthetic.

Sadly, that’s all we know so far about the AOE bike. The company has yet to release technical and performance specifications, but rest assured that the AOE bike is fully electric. And while the AOE bike is the first we’ve seen with an extended-range sidecar battery, the competition isn’t resting on their heels. The Harley Davidson Livewire ONE isn’t a bad bike, and it starts at around $ 20,000 after federal tax incentives.

Elsewhere, BMW’s Motorrad Vision DC Roadster may be a concept right now, but we’re betting the Munich boffins are scrambling to get brass approval by casting their eyes on the AOE bike. There’s also the Da Vinci DC100, a high-performance electric street bike with 250 miles of all-electric range and an innovative set of cool, modern features like self-balancing and the ability to follow its owner like a good dog. .

We have no word on pricing either. However, we’re aware of the price premium that usually comes with anything associated with Scandinavian engineering and design (think Ikea versus Chinese-made coffee tables). We love the AOE bike, and we’ll love it even more if it’s priced under $ 22,000 (without the sidecar, of course).

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