Antonio Cairoli talks about his decision to race the 2022 Pro motocross rounds

How do you feel? Obviously one year from the races. Like you said, you don’t train and ride as much. Do you still feel this good?
I just came back from an enduro race. I enjoy cycling more, training instead. The intensity of training is definitely not what we had before. It’s just more fun now. Of course, to compete for wins, you need intensity, everything. If you approach the races more as a pleasure and that, of course, is pleasant in a way, but in another way, you may not be ready to stay ahead. But this is not the case. I’m not really looking for results at the moment. I’m really enjoying riding right now. I wasn’t expecting much, but of course I’m not just going to give up after five laps! It’s not my case. I just want to finish the races and see how it goes.

Have you had the chance to ride for MXGP for KTM? Did they want you back maybe?
Yes. They asked me at the end of February, but I didn’t have any hours on the bike yet so it wasn’t possible at all. If it was maybe later in the season, maybe it was possible. But when they asked me in February, I stopped with the Paris GP’s and supercross in mid-November, then I didn’t take [get on] cycling until the end of February. So it wasn’t really possible. I also didn’t do any physical training at all.

Where are you going to settle in America? Will you fly in and out of California, Baker’s Factory [in Florida]?
Yes. I will be in California near KTM, the team. For the other races, if I do other races, I don’t know the plan yet. But we do it during the season.

You should take a motorhome. You, Jill and the kid. Travel across America. Film it for a vlog…
[Laughs] I don’t like to drive, so I don’t really see myself in it!

What was the idea with the enduro? Who convinced you of that? What did you think of that?
It was fun because it was a KTM trophy, with mostly amateurs. They just asked me for a little marketing, to be there at the event. But I said, I also like to ride and I also like enduro a lot. I said, “Okay, I’ll be there, but I want to run.” Just more fun than sitting around and giving people trophies.

How did you do? It was hard ?
I was third overall. In fact it was good because with all this time, it was something new for me. I made a few mistakes. You have to get the buffer you have to do and all the time to get out of parc fermé and that sort of thing. It was pretty sketchy. I did a few penalties so I was third at the end, but it was fun. It was great.

Pala and Hangtown, the first two. California tracks. Did you watch a video?
Yes. In Pala I rode a few times, but I think the track is completely different from where I was there. It was a long time ago. Hangtown, I see a few videos but not really many. I see it’s a pretty tough pack, so normally it should be fine.

You are Italian. The hard pack is right for you guys.
Yes. Very tough pack in Italy.

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