Alpinestars Stella Sektor V2 Tech Hoodie Review [Motorcycle Jacket]

As a hoodie fan, I will naturally stop and look twice at a hoodie. When it gets an Alpinestars label, I know it will be sleek, well-made and specifically designed for motorcycle riding. The Alpinestars Stella Sektor V2 Tech Hoodie is all that, plus comfortable and protective.

Although the Sektor V2 is a hoodie, it has a stylish look and an impeccable fit. The outer shell and inner lining are made of polyester with a soft touch, and there is a satisfying feeling when you slip into the jacket. The hip-length cut is flattering and the lightweight jacket feels substantial.

Alpinestars Stella Sektor V2 Tech Hoodie Review: MSRP

Right away you can feel the Sektor V2’s protective technology – the CE Level 1 rated shoulder and elbow pads are seamlessly integrated into the jacket, settling naturally and non-intrusively on my body. With Alpinestars CE-rated Level 1 Nucleon KR-Cell back protector insert ($50) also fitted, I feel pretty secure, and the fit and lines of the jacket aren’t compromised. The jacket alone is CE A rated (rated for urban riding).

In addition to impact protection, the shoulders and elbows are reinforced with aramid fibers (Kevlar is a trademark aramid fiber), providing significant abrasion protection that I hope I never use. If you ride after the sun goes down, you’ll appreciate the reflective A’stars logos on the shoulder and chest, as well as the vertical branding on the right side of the lower back. These details are discreet graphics by day, but illuminate perfectly at night in the headlights of a vehicle.

What’s really appealing about the Sektor V2 is its windproof qualities. It resists wind and retains body temperature. It’s versatile for casual commuting in a wide range of temperatures, although it lacks the ventilation you’d need for the hottest summer days.

The sleeves have a partial knit cuff to keep the fit tidy and a racing breeze on your arms. The same stretch rib runs along all the lower front panels of the jacket, a good visual choice to skip the front ribbing, while maintaining the clean look of the Sektor V2.

Although Alpinestars does not claim water resistance for the V2, the jacket does have slight water wicking capabilities. A light spray won’t soak you, but you won’t want to spend too much time in wet conditions.

Alpinestars Stella Sektor V2 Tech Hoodie Review: Women's Motorcycle Jacket

The jacket’s YKK zipper has a pleasantly smooth action and can be quickly adjusted with gloved hands thanks to the 1.5-inch fabric puller that is easily gripped with gloved fingers, and there is an anti-tamper tab. bottom hem stripes to protect your tank. However, I think Alpinestars missed a beat by not using a two-way zipper in the hip jacket. It is almost impossible for the Sektor V2 not to rise a little and rear up in front when riding a motorcycle.

There’s enough storage in the Sektor V2 Hoodie for casual jaunts around town. The requisite hand pockets on the front have the same attractive, feel-good zipper pulls. Inside are two handy rectangular pockets – one is a six-inch square zippered waterproof case, the other a six-inch by five-inch hook-and-loop closure patch pocket. Your wallet, cell phone and keys are covered.

The Alpinestars Stella Sektor V2 Tech Hoodie has elastic loops in the sleeves to slide your thumb through to keep the sleeves securely in place in the event of a fall, which is required for its CE certification. When I get close to the handlebars, I find the buckles uncomfortable, so I take a calculated risk and skip them.

Although I love the casual element of the hooded style, you can easily remove the hood for a more polished look. It takes less than a minute to undo the five snaps connecting the hood and detach the hook-and-loop tabs from the Mandarin collar. It’s almost as quick to reattach the collar, although you will need to take some time to carefully tuck the tabs in so the collar sits snugly. It’s the only place on the jacket that isn’t as perfectly crafted as I expected.

Alpinestars Stella Sektor V2 Tech Hoodie Review: Price

The hoodie has adjustments on each side near your jawline, so you can adjust it to fit. To prevent the hood from flapping behind your helmet while riding, there is a small snap button under the back collar to fasten it.

For urban excursions and adventures, the versatile Alpinestars Stella Sektor V2 Tech Hoodie is a great choice. The convertible element gives the jacket two personalities, and the three-layer softshell construction offers great functionality in a lightweight presence. I feel super cool zipping down the boulevard in this riding jacket.

Action photography by Drew Ruiz

Alpinestars Stella Sektor V2 Tech Hoodie Highlights

  • Sizes: S, M, L, XL, 2XL
  • Colors: Black; Black/Coral
  • CE classification: Class A

Alpinestars Stella Sektor V2 Tech Hoodie: $260 MSRP

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