6 Best Eco-Friendly Motorcycles for Greener Riding

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Climate change is disrupting consumer trends around the world, and the motorcycle industry is no exception. Riders are looking to reduce their impact on the environment by improving fuel efficiency or switching to an all-electric bike.

It’s no secret that gasoline-powered vehicles contribute to climate change by releasing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Many people think that riding a motorcycle is better for the environment than riding a four-wheeled car, but that’s not entirely true.

Although motorcycles are more fuel efficient than cars, they are responsible for an inordinate share of carbon emissions. Research shows that the average motorcycle pollutes ten times more per mile than the average passenger vehicle. This is because regulators tend to be a little easier on motorcycle manufacturers when it comes to regulating their products.

Many of the latest emission control devices have not been added to motorcycles due to their weight. It’s also true that many cyclists like to hit the road for no other reason than to enjoy the ride, which doesn’t really help the environment.

If you’re environmentally conscious but still want to enjoy riding a motorcycle, consider these eco-friendly options to reduce your carbon footprint:

Go electric

electric motorcycle

The best way to reduce your impact on the environment is to ride an electric motorcycle. They run on electricity rather than fossil fuels which contribute to climate change. Instead of filling up the gas tank, the bike comes with a battery that needs to be recharged. It’s not the same as an e-bike, which uses electric assistance to get riders up a hill.

Today’s electric motorcycles are more powerful than ever with bigger batteries for more time on the road. You can expect to go around 280 miles on a full charge without spending any money at the pump.

You can charge the battery using a standard power outlet. It usually takes several hours, so you can charge it overnight during off-peak hours. You can further reduce your impact on the environment by using renewable electricity, such as solar and wind power.

Electric motorcycles are also much cheaper to operate and maintain than gas-powered models. There is no oil or gas polluting the environment. They have no gears, pistons, spark plugs, air filters or exhaust for fewer repairs. This makes them less likely to break down. You can also use Motorcycle Communication to make a hands-free call in the event of an accident.

They usually start between $3,000 and $4,000 and can go up to $100,000, which could be about the same price you would pay for a motorcycle, depending on the make and model.

Of course, riding an electric motorcycle isn’t quite the same as jumping on the back of a gas-powered pig. You cannot run the motor on an e-bike. It also won’t vibrate at high speeds, which can be a treat for some riders.

The best electric motorcycles include:

Harley-Davidson Livewire

The world’s most famous motorcycle manufacturer is finally going electric. The Livewire is the company’s first notable foray into the world of renewable energy. It can reach up to 95 mph, so you can always feel the wind in your hair.

However, the battery needs about 13 hours to recharge but it lasts about 143 miles which is more than enough for a long ride.

Lightener LS-218

If you love the thrill of going from zero to 60 in seconds, this is the electric motorcycle for you. It’s designed to impress even the biggest petrol motorcycle fans. It goes up to 218 mph for even more thrills.

The battery only takes 30 minutes to charge, but the range is only 100 miles at high speed. With fast charging, you’ll be on your way in no time.

Energica Eva Ribelle

If you’re looking for a trip-ready motorcycle, we suggest the incredibly durable Energica Eva Ribelle. It can travel up to 248 miles on a full charge. Even better, just wait 42 minutes for the battery to reach 80%.

Fuel-efficient gasoline motorcycles

fuel efficient eco motorcycles

Let’s face it: electric motorcycles aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. If you’re still sticking with the traditional gas-powered variety, be sure to find a lightweight motorcycle with excellent fuel efficiency. Remember to stay safe by wearing Bluetooth motorcycle speakers, so you can call for help in an emergency.

Suzuki TU250X

Modern and classic at the same time, the new Suzuki model is sure to turn heads. It goes up to 80 mpg to help you avoid the gas station as much as possible.

Kawasaki Ninja 250R

The next most fuel efficient motorcycle would be the Ninja 250R for its lightness. Expect to get up to 77 mpg out of this sleek two-wheeler. It also has a 4-stroke engine for more power.


Right next to the Ninja would be the Honda CRF250L with its upgraded shocks for better off-road handling. The specs say it gets 73 mpg, but it’s not uncommon for it to hit up to 77 mpg.

Whichever type of motorcycle you choose, use a motorcycle Bluetooth headset to stay in touch with those who matter most, including loved ones, authorities and fellow riders.


There are so many factors to consider when riding a motorcycle. Manufacturers are constantly improving their models to make them more fuel efficient. If in doubt, consider buying a newer motorcycle to avoid using an outdated exhaust system.

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