6 beautiful lakeside towns where you can buy a home for under $ 300,000

Oswego, New York

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Do you dream of #lavie des lacs? U.S. too. But owning a house where you can walk or cycle to the lake could cost you millions. So we have compiled a list of lake towns where the median house is less than $ 300,000. And with mortgage rates close to their all-time low (some 30-year rates are below 3%, and some 15-year rates are around 2%, as you can see here), it could be well in the budgets of some lake lovers.

If you want to relax: Hot Springs, Arkansas

Hot springs, Arkansas

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Named the second best relaxing getaway in the United States by US News, Hot Springs Under the Radar offers a plethora of attractions, including its namesake (hot springs), as well as the beautiful Ouachita Mountains, several lakes (some known for fishing , others for boating), beautiful parks, and more. Hot Springs is also only about an hour from Little Rock, but you won’t need to go much further, as the town is full of restaurants, shops, historic architecture, and even its own. casino. If you love art, on the first Friday of the month, the city’s galleries and ateliers open in the evening for a walk through the galleries, and there are also antiques and boutique nights. It may seem touristy at times, but it is not constant.

Median house value: $ 201,043
Population: 38 939
Cost of life: Below average (score of 80.9 / 100, 100 being the average)
Sources: Median values ​​of houses in Zillow; other statistics of the best places in Sperling

If you want a small college town: Oswego, New york

Oswego, New York

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Located on Lake Ontario in north-central New York, just 40 minutes from Syracuse, Oswego is a college town (home to SUNY Oswego) that also offers salmon, bass and rainbow trout fishing. rainbow, farmer’s markets, summer concert series, town festivals, motocross races and more. For a city of this size, there are plenty of museums, restaurants, and shopping in boutiques and mega-retailers. January and February get cold with high temperatures averaging within 30 seconds, but spring through fall are generally more reasonable. Lake Ontario does not have the best water for swimming compared to other Great Lakes, but it is a great spot for boaters with several boat launching ramps available on the lake.

Median house value: $ 140,580
Population: 17 221
Cost of life: Below average (score 76.7 / 100, 100 being the average)

If you want to get away from it all and get into nature: Spirit Lake, Iowa

Lake Spirit, Iowa

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About 90 minutes from Sioux Falls and 3 hours from Minneapolis, Spirit Lake was recognized by Governor Terry Branstad as one of the healthiest towns in Iowa in 2015. Dickinson County, where Spirit Lake is located , offers over 100 miles of recreational trails for biking, walking, running and cross-country skiing with over 10 miles of trails at Spirit Lake. Several nearby parks offer places for picnicking, fishing and camping and include boat launch areas, beaches and more for outdoor enthusiasts. There is a large sandy beach, plenty of swimming areas, and Spirit Lake is known for fishing for bass, yellow perch, and walleye. This city is tiny with just over 5,000 residents, but the downtown area offers retail and a variety of other businesses, making this small town one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Northwestern Iowa, according to the Town of Spirit Lake.

Median house value: $ 250,200
Population: 5 251
Cost of life: Below average (score of 85.6 / 100, 100 being the average)

For a quiet little town: Port Clinton, OHello

Port Clinton, Ohio

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Located at the mouth of the Portage River on Lake Erie, parks, piers, and even a lighthouse make Port Clinton a quaint lakeside town. Boating and fishing charters, wildlife parks, local breweries, an aviation museum, nearby parasailing, and a racetrack make this otherwise tiny town a bit more bustling. Keep in mind that some parts of Port Clinton, like the Northeast, are safer than others.

Median house value: $ 194,078
Population: 6,133
Cost of life: Below average (score of 79.1 / 100, 100 being the average)

For those who love hunting and fishing: Decatur, Illinois

Decatur, Illinois

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Founded in 1829 along the Sangamon River and Lake Decatur, downtown Decatur has its own inland lake which is the town’s main water source and a destination for water activities like swimming, water skiing. , jet skiing and fishing. A $ 14 million downtown Decatur revitalization was recently completed, with new sidewalks, landscaping and lighting draping the city. Additionally, Decatur is known for its active hunting community where deer, ducks and turkeys thrive in the heavily forested landscape.

Median house value: $ 84,428
Population: 70,007
Cost of life: Below average (score of 69.3 / 100, 100 being the average)

For those who love lots of green space: Moses Lake, WA

Moses Lake, Washington

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About 100 miles from Spokane, the town of Moses Lake offers more than two dozen parks in addition to the Moses Lake Water Trail, where swimming, sailing, fishing and kayaking are encouraged. Moses Lake is an 18 mile long lake, covering 6,500 acres and 120 miles of shoreline. The city also has a water park, a variety of festivals, farmers markets and more.

Median home value: $ 297,430
Population: 24,274
Cost of life: Below average (score of 85.3 / 100, 100 being the average)

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