50th Thor Mini O’s presented by Pro Circuit

Cycle News Team | December 1, 2021

The 50th edition of the Mini O took place at the famous Gatorback Cycle Park. This Thanksgiving tradition draws amateur motocross racers from all over the world for an action-packed week of racing.

The 250 Pro Sport class launches into the first corner. Nick Romano (411) was the star of the show.

Photograph by Rob Koy

The format of the Mini O is unique, with a Supercross and Motocross championship at stake for each class. A record-breaking turnout of around 6,000 entries was in contention for the 2021 event, but it was the tight races of the sport’s rising stars that made the event stand out.

Star Racing Yamaha’s Nick Romano has proven to be the man to beat in Supercross, having swept all four races in the 250cc and 450cc Pro Sport divisions. As a result, Romano won the prestigious Dunlop Silver Tire Award, given to the rider in the Pro and A classes who accumulates the most points in Main Supercross and Combined Motocross.

Nick Romano at the 50th Thor Mini O's
Get used to the name, you will probably hear it a lot in the future. Romano, a member of the Star Racing Yamaha program, was the top motocross and supercross rider in the Mini O.

Yamaha-ridden Gavin Towers and Matt LeBlanc clinched podiums in the 250 class, while Chance Hymas and Luke Kalaitzian’s Honda took medals in 450s.

Rockstar Energy Husqvarna’s Talon Hawkins dominated the 250A Supercross Championship with wins in both races. Gavin Towers (Yamaha) and Chance Hymas (Honda) again finished second and third respectively. Towers and Hymas are new recruits in their teams, Rock River Yamaha for Towers and Honda HRC for Hymas, and have proven themselves in several categories.

Talon Hawkins at the 50th Thor Mini O's
Californian Talon Hawkins dominated the 250cc A class in Supercross.

Another class not to be missed was the B division. Evan Ferry (Husqvarna), Gage Linville (Yamaha) and Julien Beaumer (Yamaha) went 1-2-3 in the 250 B Supercross, along with Linville, Noah Smerdon (KTM) and Bryce Shelly (Yamaha) leading the pack 250 B Limited.

Haiden Deegan made his debut with the Star Racing Yamaha team and clinched the Supercross title in 450 B ahead of Ferry and Daxton Bennick (KTM).

Gage Linville won again in 450 B Limited, with Nate Mason (KTM) and Tanner Scott (Husqvarna) completing the top three.

Class 51cc at the 50th Thor Mini O's
The 51cc class is launched.
Gage Linville at the 50th Thor Mini O's
Gage Linville walked away with six class championships.

Tiger Wood (KTM) swept the Supermini 1 category (12-15) with finishes 1-1 ahead of Tyler Mollet and Will Canaguier mounted on Husqvarna. Wood ended up winning the Pro Circuit Platinum Pipe and Bronze Boot awards for the most points in Supercross and Motocross.

Supermini 2 (13-16) was owned by Tyler Mollet.

After all Supercross titles were awarded, the event moved to the Gatorback motocross track for a second round of the championship. The familiar motocross setting offered elevation changes and challenging track conditions.

Chance Hymas at the 50th Thor Mini O's
Chance Hymas of Idaho was still in the top group in the A and Pro Sport classes. He came away with four second places.

Romano dominated again, winning three more motocross titles in the 250 A, 250 Pro Sport and 450 Pro Sport categories. Romano has managed to solidify his name over the past few seasons and has certainly announced that he is one of the hottest fans on the circuit right now, if not the hottest.

Honda’s Chance Hymas followed Romano in all three categories, taking three second places this week. Brandon Scharer (Yamaha) clinched third place overall in the 250 Pro Sport with Cody Groves (KTM) taking the final podium in the 450 division.

Daxton Bennick at the 50th Thor Mini O's
Daxton Bennick of the KTM Orange Brigade Red Bull takes the start of the super competitive Class B. He was a regular on the catwalks throughout the week.

Linville was the man on the move for Class B motocross titles. Regularity paid off for the Yamaha rider who won four titles in the 250 and 450cc Stock and Modified classes and walked away with the Scott Goggle Award, which is handed out to the rider of classes 250 and 450, B and C who accumulates the highest number of points in the general classification of Supercross and Motocross combined. Runners like Daxton Bennick finished closely second in several races as Deegan’s Falls held him back from the top step of the podium.

Casey Cochran at the 50th Thor Mini O's
Casey Cochran of Florida is a three-time champion. He was flying his 125cc two-stroke.
Evan Ferry at the 50th Thor Mini O's
Evan Ferry won two Class B titles which could have been more if he hadn’t been injured.

Kawasaki’s Krystian Janik found his rhythm on the motocross track and won a title in the Supermini 1 category. His biggest opponent of the week was Wood (KTM), who settled for second place in Supermini 1, but won the Supermini 2 championship.

Canyon Richards won the Engine Ice Cool Under Pressure Award after completing a race with broken spokes and ultimately winning three titles this week. CN

Krystian Janik at the 50th Thor Mini O's
Krystian Janik won the Supermini 1 Championship (12-15).

Results of the 50th Thor Mini O presented by Pro Circuit


250 Pro Sport

  1. Nick Romano (yam)
  2. Chance Hymas (Hon)
  3. Brandon Schärer (yam)
  4. Matt LeBlanc (yam)
  5. Gavin towers (yam)

450 Pro Sport

  1. Nick Romano (yam)
  2. Chance Hymas (Hon)
  3. Cody Groves (KTM)
  4. Heath Harrison (Hon)
  5. Matt LeBlanc (yam)


250 Pro Sport

  1. Nick Romano (yam)
  2. Gavin towers (yam)
  3. Matt LeBlanc (yam)
  4. Brandon Schärer (yam)
  5. Christopher Blackmer (Hus)

450 Pro Sport

  1. Nick Romano (yam)
  2. Chance Hymas (Hon)
  3. Luke Kalaitzian (Hon)
  4. Kimble Jett (KTM)
  5. Heath Harrison (Hon)

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