2022 Kawasaki KLX230S becomes even more accessible for new riders

Although we’re hardly ever a fan of losing year-to-year suspension travel on a dual sport bike. That said, we won’t go to Kawasaki to do it here. For 2022, the Kawasaki KLX230S gained an S and lost about two inches of front and rear travel in its suspension, but that loss paved the way for a two-inch lower seat height that should be heartwarming for new riders and those alike. that lack crotch. Since this template is meant to appeal to such people, we’re not going to dwell on it. Anything that brings new runners to the fold, we fully endorse.

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Double sport motorcycle Kawasaki KLX®230S 2022


The Kawasaki KLX® family of off-road motorcycles are known for their user-friendliness, incredible trail capability and reliability, making them a must-have for any adventurous rider. For 2022, Kawasaki is adding a new model to its KLX range with the KLX®230S dual-sport.
Keeping in mind its admired heritage, the KLX230S is derived from the popular KLX®230 with a modified front and rear suspension that lowers the overall seat height by more than two inches compared to the KLX230 model. The KLX230S is specially designed for serious trail fun and designed for on-road versatility. Transform a variety of terrains into the ultimate playground.


  • NEW Shorter two-stage front suspension with 6.2 inches of travel
  • NEW Uni-Trak® rear suspension with 6.6 inches of travel
  • NEW 32.7 inch total seat height
  • NEW Available with Kawasaki’s first dual-purpose ABS


  • NEW Shorter two-stage front suspension with 6.2 inches of travel
  • NEW Uni-Trak® rear suspension with 6.6 ” of travel

The front forks have been shortened by a total of 2.4 inches using shorter double-stage springs with a firmer spring rate than the ABS KLX230 and KLX230 models, helping to reduce the seat height by 2.2 inches. A 37mm telescopic front fork takes care of the rider up front and provides 6.2 inches of total travel, increasing rider confidence when navigating difficult terrain or riding on pavement. The revised Uni-Trak® rear suspension, including the shock with a stiffer spring rate, offers 6.6 inches of travel and improves handling and shock absorption. New front and rear suspension settings result in an overall lower seat height than found on the KLX230, allowing riders to tackle trails and streets with confidence.


  • NEW 32.7 inch total seat height

The frame, saddle and tank of the KLX230S motorcycle have been designed with a combination of form and function in mind, making the frame easy to grip with the legs, providing superior chassis control. Thanks to the compact design of the KLX230S and the updated suspension, a low seat height of 32.7 inches was achieved.

Like the KX â„¢ range of motocross bikes, the flat tank and saddle design gives the rider greater freedom of movement when changing riding position and makes it easier to sit further forward. In addition to the dual-purpose ride, comfort was also taken into account when choosing the seat shape and thickness. The seams between the seatstays, saddle and side covers are all aligned, making it much easier for the rider to move around on the bike.


The air-cooled, four-stroke single-cylinder engine delivers smooth, reliable and long-lasting performance in a compact package. The engine has a bore and stroke of 67.0 x 66.0 mm, with a displacement of 233 cm3. The long stroke provides robust low to mid-range torque for smooth and easy handling. A simple two-valve SOHC design was chosen for easy-to-use power and reliability.

Fuel injection ensures constant fuel delivery regardless of the temperature or elevation of the outside air. It also allows the use of an electric starter, for easy starting at the push of a button, whether the engine is hot or cold, and contributes to clean emissions. The fuel injection system uses a 32mm throttle body, which provides precise response. The length of the exhaust pipe has been chosen to help the engine perform well at low and mid-range. To match the aggressive off-road look of the KX-inspired body, the exhaust features a tapered muffler with an oval cross section.

A smooth shifting six-speed transmission provides a gear for every type of condition on trails or streets, while allowing for a more comfortable ride on long, open straights. A short final gear ratio (46/13) has been selected, allowing riders to keep moving forward even over difficult terrain.


Designed to tackle both dirt and streets, the high-strength steel perimeter frame provides the optimum handling needed for a pleasant and confident ride. By designing the engine and frame together, engineers were able to achieve low engine height, an ideal balance of frame stiffness, and a low center of gravity, all in a compact frame. The short 53.5-inch wheelbase contributes to the maneuverability of the bike, making it easier for riders to navigate the terrain presented to them.


The full-size aluminum wheels, measuring 21 “in the front and 18” in the rear, help riders navigate a wide variety of terrain, greatly contributing to rider confidence and overall performance.

The KLX230S motorcycle is equipped with petal disc brakes, front and rear, which provide great stopping power. A 240mm front disc gripped by a dual-piston caliper provides powerful, easy-to-control braking. Slowing down the rear, a lightweight KX-type rear master cylinder with a one-piece reservoir and single-piston caliper grips a 220mm disc.


The KLX230S is inspired by Kawasaki’s KX motocross line of motorcycles, giving the bike a nimble and aggressive look to match its trail prowess. A 1.9 gallon fuel tank keeps the good times going through a long day.

An easy-to-read instrument panel is mounted in the center of the handlebars, which includes an ON / OFF button, warning light, low fuel warning light and FI warning light.


Riders can customize their KLX230S motorcycle to meet their needs, with many Kawasaki Genuine Accessories to choose from, such as skid plate, frame covers, hand covers, tapered handlebars, handlebar pad and black rims.


The 2022 KLX230S is available in lime green with an MSRP of $ 4,799. The ABS 2022 KLX230S is available in Lime Green and Urban Olive / Ebony with an MSRP of $ 5,099.

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