2022 Hangtown Pro Motocross Round 2 Results

Ryan Nitzen | June 4, 2022

What a race day in Hangtown for round two of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship. We don’t normally expect such an end to the race outdoors, but the peloton absolutely showed up today. Almost all of the bikes saw photo finishes, with Jason Anderson and Jett Lawrence eventually taking their respective suits.


The first moto started with Chase Sexton barely edging out Jason Anderson for the holeshot. The rest of the top five was made up of heavy hitters like Ken Roczen in third, Aaron Plessinger in fourth and Eli Tomac in fifth. Plessinger then knocked him down and handed the job over to KTM teammate Ryan Dungey. Up front, however, it all seemed to be Chase Sexton for the second week in a row.

Chase Sexton seemed to get away with 450 moto one. Wilson Brown Dog Pictures

About halfway through the race, Jason Anderson began to chip away at Sexton’s lead. The Kawasaki rider followed the points leader and delivered an assist with just three minutes left. With a couple of laps to go, Sexton hauled up a load and slammed right back into Anderson’s rear tire. Both would cross the line with a margin of just 0.39 seconds. Anderson took the moto victory, Sexton second and Roczen third, over 25 seconds behind.

Jason Anderson ran over Sexton and won by 0.39 seconds.

Round two saw nine-time MXGP champion Tony Cairoli take the holeshot just ahead of Ken Roczen and Chase Sexton. Roczen quickly took the lead and started to slip away in the early stages. Meanwhile, Round 1 winner Anderson was dropped out of the top five on the first lap.

Roczen looked good again this weekend and led the early stages of moto two.

Chase Sexton eventually caught and passed teammate Roczen with Eli Tomac quickly following suit. Roczen held on but backed off as the race progressed. Sexton once again found himself in front of a being chased by a reloaded Eli Tomac. Just after the 10 minute mark, Tomac made the pass for the lead and never gave up. Sexton stayed close until the finish but never made it past number three. Late in the race, Anderson worked his way up and passed Roczen for the final podium spot. This move earned him his first ever overall victory with 1-3 finishes.

Eli Tomac looked like his old self and took the second moto victory.
450 overall podium

Overall 450MX Results (Top 10)

1. Jason Anderson (kaw) 1-3
2. sacristan hunting (honored) 2-2
3. Eli Tomac (Yam) 4-1
4. Ken Roczen (honored) 3-4
5. Christian Craig (Yam) 5-5
6. Antonio Cairolo (KTM) 7-6
seven. Ryan Dungey (KTM) 6-7
8. Aaron Plessinger (KTM) 9-8
9. Joey Savatgy (kaw) 11-9
ten. Justin Barcia (GG) 10-11


More exciting action from the young bucks in the 250 class. The first moto started with Justin Cooper and Jalek Swoll in the lead, while local boy Michael Mosiman lurked behind in third. Last week’s winner, Jett Lawrence, entered moto two with a bit of sickness, but started close to the front in moto one. With the track cleared, Cooper immediately began to extend his lead.

Justin Cooper’s departures were there all day.

About 10 minutes later, Mosiman made his way to the back of Cooper and went for the pass. Mosiman had a good lap while Cooper suffered some errors and the GasGas rider was able to get the pass through. Meanwhile, Jett and Hunter Lawrence were busy making their way through the field. Hunter eventually fell and was forced to pass a number of late racers. Up front however, Mosiman took his first career moto victory with Cooper finishing second and Jett Lawrence third.

Michael Mosiman earned his first career moto victory at Hangtown.

The second moto started the same way with Cooper holed up Jett and Swoll. A big mistake from Cooper knocked him off the track and allowed Lawrence to slip past and take the lead. Nick Romano, Cooper’s teammate at Star Racing Yamaha, was also in the lead going into the second moto and gave Cooper no room for error.

Jett Lawrence rode in bad weather but still managed a moto and overall victory.

Mosiman started in the top five in moto two and looked to capitalize on a great day overall. Unfortunately, he hit the bridge very early and bent his handlebars. He did not finish the race, but surprisingly finished eighth overall with 1-39 finishes.

Jett Lawrence continued to lead, but Jo Shimoda was obviously the moving man. The Kawasaki rider passed Cooper and quickly set his sights on the lead. He continued to close the gap but fell after the big jump and then finished fourth in the race.

Cooper and Hunter Lawrence took advantage of Shimoda’s crash and the two engaged in a close battle in the final laps of the race. Lawrence made the pass on the final lap to move into second and followed his brother Jett to the line. Jett won the moto with Hunter second and Cooper third. The 3-1 finish earned Jett the overall standings, with Cooper’s 2-3 good enough for second place.

250 catwalks

250MX General Qualifying (Top 10)

1. Jett Laurent (honored) 3-1
2. justin cooper (Yam) 2-3
3. Laurent hunter (honored) 4-2
4. Jo Shimoda (kaw) 5-4
5. Max Vohland (KTM) 7-5
6. Kitchen Levi (Yam) 6-6
seven. Seth Hammaker (kaw) 1-39
8. Michael Mosiman (GG) 11-7
9. Stilez Robertson (Hus) 10-9
ten. Nick Romano (Yam) 12-11


Round two of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship is underway here at the Hangtown Motocross Classic just outside of Sacramento, Calif. All the heavyweights are in attendance and after a thrilling first round we look forward to more action here today. Let’s dive into qualifying.

Jason Anderson set the record straight after a lackluster first lap. He set the fastest qualifying time this morning with a time of 2:06.2. Last week’s winner Chase Sexton finished second with Eli Tomac third.

Jason Anderson set the fastest qualifying time this morning. Photos: Brown Dog Wilson
Eli Tomac is still good in Hangtown. He finished third in qualifying.

450MX Combined Qualifiers (Top 10)

1. Jason Anderson (kaw) 2:06.296
2. sacristan hunting (honored) 2:06.660
3. Eli Tomac (Yam) 2:06.726
4. Christian Craig (Yam) 2:06.726
5. Ken Roczen (honored) 2:07.861
6. Joey Savatgy (kaw) 2:08.050
seven. Ryan Dungey (KTM) 2:09.466
8. Garrett Marchbanks (Yam) 2:09.911
9. Antonio Cairoli (KTM) 2:10.030
ten. Shane McElrath (Hus) 2:10.056


In the 250, it was Justin Cooper in the lead with the fastest qualifying time. J Coop is still a good qualifier and it’s nice to see him in the lead after a tumultuous start to the year. The two Lawrence brothers, Jett and Hunter finished second and third, one second behind Cooper with just 0.1 seconds separating second and third.

Justin Cooper was the fastest in the 250 by a full second.
Jett Lawrence holds the red plate and qualified second.
Hunter Lawrence came third.

250MX Combined Qualifiers (Top 10)

1. justin cooper (Yam) 2:05.812
2. Jett Laurent (honored) 2:06.874
3. Laurent hunter (honored) 2:06.986
4. Mitchell Mosiman (GG) 2:07.081
5. RJ Hampshire (Hus) 2:07.792
6. Kitchen Levi (Yam) 2:08.325
seven. Jo Shimoda (kaw) 2:08.438
8. Seth Hammaker (kaw) 2:08.535
9. Derek Drake (Suz) 2:08.954
ten. Brown Pierce (GG) 2:09.086

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