2022 Ford F-150 to cost up to $ 2,280 more

As we head into the end of 2021, it’s that time of year when automakers are adjusting their prices. Ford has been busy pushing its prices up, with the Edge, Mustang Mach-E and most recently the Bronco seeing increases over the past two months.

This time around, it’s the automaker’s bestseller, the F-150, which suffers another price hike. This isn’t the first time the fourteenth-generation model has had a price hike. Just months after its June 2020 debut, Ford increased its MSRP in December. While the fit wasn’t as big last year, it’s pretty big for the 2022 model year.

According to the ordering guide obtained by Direct Cars, the 2022 F-150 will cost up to $ 2,280 more than current lots. But before you panic and rush to your nearest Ford dealership, this doesn’t apply to all models. So what level of finish does this substantial increase get?

That would be for the F-150 Limited, the premium megabuck version of America’s best-selling truck for decades. Starting with the 2022 model, this model will have a base price of $ 75,150, and that is only for the two-wheel drive model. Go for the four-wheel drive version and this sticker climbs to $ 78,575. If you decide to check all the options, the F-150 Limited 4×4 can easily break the $ 80,000 mark.

Of course, not everyone will buy an F-150 equipped with all the bells, whistles, and 360-degree cameras. Most models see an increase of $ 215 on their respective retail prices. Meanwhile, the entry-level XL 4×2 Regular Cab gets a small increase of $ 350, from $ 30,985 to $ 31,335 with destination charges applied. However, you can expect dealerships to offer cash-out offers during the holiday season.

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