2021 Genesis GV80 is a dream vehicle


The car of my dreams arrived last week as a 2021 Genesis GV80 all-wheel drive SUV. This is the luxury car manufactured by Hyundai in Ulsan, Korea. The vehicle is equipped with all the safety, comfort and electronics features of the automotive galaxy. Luxury comes at a cost and the GV80’s suggested retail price is $ 66,475 with options included.

The electronically controlled suspension system provides the most comfortable ride of any test vehicle ever tested, bar none. The car floats above the many potholes and cracks on deteriorating Colorado freeways. The car runs on premium Michelin tires on 20 inch alloy rims.

The powertrain transmission is as smooth as driving with a 375 horsepower 3.5L V6 engine that delivers spirited performance for the three-row SUV. The automotive industry has shifted to four-cylinder engines with turbo-boost engines. This powertrain combination provides an average of 20 mpg. In many cases, a turbo boost can cause a brief pause and then a sudden surge of power when the turbo “kicks in” to improve performance. Not the case with the GV80 which accelerates smoothly with the powerful motor and eight-speed gearbox

mission with paddle shifters. The transmission has a dial selection of R, N and D. All drive modes are selected by pressing the brake pedal; all that is still needed is “Drive” mode.

The exterior paint is described as “Savile Silver” and the interior is attractive with leather seats in the color described as “Dune”. The driver’s seat has a special “Ergo” function with the bucket seat embracing the driver when accelerating and relaxing when slowing down.

The interior features many special knobs and perforated peak dials to tune the Lexicon 21-speaker audio system and make channel changes. A really sophisticated control located on the steering wheel is a cat with the “soft” synthetic voice for changing channels on the XM radio or asking about navigation or making a dinner reservation.

This Genesis is rare and with the shortage of factory computer chips, some new car models are delayed. It is the first GV80 to be part of the test car fleet. The vehicle was not rated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, but I remember it was probably the model of vehicle professional golfer Tiger Woods was driving when he had his serious car accident and the 10 airbags and car safety. characteristics helped save his life.

The safety features of the GV80 are numerous, including multiple airbags, forward collision avoidance, stop-and-go intelligent radar cruise control, and when signaling a turn or change of direction. lane, the adjacent lane is shown on the dashboard near the speedometer, a very good safety feature with so many lane changes in driving today.

All in all, this is a luxury sedan for the ages with all the desirable features for comfort, handling and safety. The Gen-esis comes with a 10-year, 100,000-mile powertrain warranty, with the engine and transmission being manufactured at the original factory in Korea. They are very proud of this car and they should be, it’s great.

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