2016 AMA Motocross Complete Season Recap

Speaking of Stewart, he was still racing in 2016, even though it wasn’t going well. After missing all of 2015 due to a suspension from the WADA for testing positive for a banned substance (thought to be Adderall, for which Stewart was later granted a therapeutic use exemption), many expected that Stewart will return to racing more excited and motivated than ever. It didn’t go that way, as he struggled throughout the season and finally called it after the Washougal run. At this point, one of the fastest riders to ever start a stage was relegated to battling outside the top ten. It was time for Stewart to step away from racing, although he would not announce his official retirement for several years.

The 250 class in motocross seemed more predictable. Jeremy Martin had won the 2014 and 2015 titles for Star Racing Yamaha, and one of his main competitors, his teammate Cooper Webb, started the season with a broken wrist. A third consecutive title for Martin looked easy, but something seemed right from the start for Martin, however, and Webb, coming through the injury, actually seemed to be fine. The early rounds actually became the domain of Monster Energy/Pro Circuit Kawasaki’s Joey Savatgy and a third Star Yamaha rider, Martin’s brother Alex. They staged great battles and Savatgy held the early season lead.

Jeremy Martin would later admit he was riding with Epstein-Barr Virus, which would make for a long summer. Webb’s wrist was healing and he was getting faster. Midway through the season, he had Savatgy in his sights, and after winning at RedBud, Webb began to take over the series. Savatgy also cooled off after his torrid start and, in the end, Webb won the title over Alex Martin by 73 points. Webb had also won his second straight 250 Supercross championship. He was heading into the 450 class, now seen as the next big thing in the sport.

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