10 things every motorcycle enthusiast should know about the 2022 Triumph Tiger Sport 660

The 2022 Triumph Tiger Sport 660 is one of the most versatile mid-weight motorcycles on sale in the United States. Offered for a base MSRP of $ 9,295, this is one of those rare motorcycles that could do it all with the utmost perfection. Daily trips to the office, 1,000 mile road trips, weekend breakfasts and more could be easily tackled by the 2022 Tiger Sport 660, and that’s something competitors lack.

Being a motorcycle with many personalities, the Tiger 660 2022 also retains all the characters of motorcycles like the Trident 660, the Street Triple and the larger Tiger 850 Sport. The 660cc engine is taken from the Triumph Trident, making it one of the most attractive touring motorcycles in the segment. The precise gearbox, great ride and handling and a long list of standard equipment are also part of other USPs. The Tiger Sport 660 is here to compete with the Kawasaki Versys 650 and the Honda CB500X.

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ten Torquey motor and precise gear changes add to the fun

Via: Triumph

The Trident 660 liquid-cooled DOHC 12-valve inline three-cylinder in-line three-cylinder engine is quite synonymous with its class-leading refinement and growl, and the same goes for the Tiger Sport 660. The engine is very manoeuvrable at low revs and therefore driving on the streets is as pleasant as the Kawasaki Versys 650s parallel twin engine. The engine also sounds fantastic throughout the rev range.

Via: Triumph

We were also very impressed with the smooth power delivery in the midrange and unlike some of its rivals the Tiger Sport 660 has an excellent top end as well. The bike feels sharper than the 80 hp and 47 lb-ft of torque listed. What further complements the engine is the crisp gearbox, with a gear short enough for the initial gears and the larger final gears. This makes it exceptional in both cities and on highways.

9 The Tiger Sport 660 is extremely economical


The 2022 Triumph Tiger Sport 660 is one of the most fuel efficient offerings in the mid-weight adventure touring car segment. This bike also offers a huge fuel tank capacity of 4.5 gallons, which contributes to an impressive range.


The Tiger Sport 660 would easily return over 50 mpg even if you didn’t step on the accelerator. One of the reasons for the excellent gas mileage is due to the higher fifth and sixth gears, which makes it a superior roadster. Top notch gas mileage combined with adequate fuel tank capacity helps the bike achieve a combined range of over 225 miles.

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8 Crisp, feature-rich TFT display


Since the bike does not undergo any changes from iteration 2021, the TFT screen remains unchanged. This screen is bright enough and reveals all the necessary information. Viewing angles are also okay. However, we wish it was a bit bigger because some of the rivals have a much bigger TFT screen.

2022 Triumph Tigre Sport 660

All necessary information such as gear position indicator, speed, engine temperature, rpm, time and warnings are displayed in this instrument cluster. Along with this, the Tiger Sport 660 also reveals the riding modes via this screen, accessible via the buttons placed on the handlebars. With the optional Bluetooth module, navigation, music, calls, messages and many more can also be viewed.

seven Comes with all the required features


This mid-weight tourer comes with all the necessary features, most of which come standard. When it comes to driving, features like electric throttle with switchable traction control system, multiple drive modes (road and rain), ABS, and slip-assist clutch are just a few. of the main ones.


Apart from that, a full LED headlight with LED DRL, LED tail light and side indicators, auto-canceling indicators, etc. are also standard. Many optional features such as Triumph shift assist, side and top housings, knuckle guards, rubber tank pad, frame protectors, etc. can also be obtained at a reasonable price.

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6 Braking performance is top notch for the price

Via: Triumph

The 2022 Tiger Sport 660 is a motorcycle that could easily reach a top speed of almost 130 mph and is also reasonably heavy. Therefore, he should need reliable and powerful braking equipment to anchor the motorcycle in relation to gears. Fortunately, Triumph managed to implement the Nissin 2-piston sliding calipers with 310mm twin petal discs for the front.

Triumph's Tiger Sport 660 on the road
Via Google / Ultimate Motorcycling

The rear wheels are braked using the Nissin 1-piston sliding caliper with a 255mm disc. The front and rear are also fitted with ABS as standard. As for braking behavior, the front and rear offered decent feel and feedback when braking. The initial bite is probably the best in the segment, and the braking progression is decent as well. However, the frontal nose-down is slightly higher during hard front braking.

5 Probably the most maneuverable middleweight tourer

Via: Triumph

The Tiger Sport 660 has a claimed wet weight of 455 lbs and is quite large. Even though both are associated with a misbehaving motorcycle, this baby tourer is the exact opposite of that belief. Equipped with the Showa SFF 41mm inverted front fork, the bike handles wonderfully in the corners.

Triumph Tiger Sport 660 from 2022
Via Google / Moto.com

Steering is precise and could lean much better than the Kawasaki Versys 650. The Michelin Road 5 tires also do justice to the well-calibrated tubular steel perimeter chassis. The rear comes with the Showa monoshock with remote preload adjustment, and the rider can easily adjust the rear suspension to their liking. When the rear shock is set to the stiffest setting, the motorcycle will grip the road as if it were on the rail.

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4 Ride quality knew no compromise

Via: Triumph

Michelin Road 5 tires not only make the Tiger Sport 660 a great driver. It is well tuned to ride in all road conditions with the greatest comfort too. To take comfort to a whole new level, the front and rear suspension is set to a neutral position as standard, meaning it’s neither too soft nor too hard.

A pilot in a 2022 Triumph Tiger Sport 660.
Via: Triumph

As a result, the motorcycle could easily glide over rough roads at low speed without transmitting anything to the rider or passenger. As speeds increase, the ride remains surprisingly flat. The high speed stability is also very calm and the motorcycle does not move due to side winds on the highways.

3 Excellent ergonomics is a definite USP of the Tiger Sport 660

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One of the things everyone who’s piloted the Tiger loves is the upright sitting position. This Baby Tiger also comes with the same amazing view from the saddle, and it’s a sure USP of this bike. The high handlebars, wide and well-exposed side mirrors and the precise positioning of all buttons and switches are also an added advantage.


The slightly set back footrests of the Tiger Sport 660 make it very comfortable for tall Americans, as it provides more than enough legroom. Even the passenger would be happy with the position of the footrests and the soft, well-reinforced saddle. A grab handle is also provided.

2 Attractive design language

A blue 2022 Triumph Tiger Sport 660 parked by the side of the road.
Via: Triumph

The 2022 Triumph Tiger Sport 660 looks macho from every angle. Even though this is a mid-weight touring bike, Triumph has focused on both design and function, which cannot be said of all rivals. Offered in three color combinations, the Tiger Sport 660 looks striking when viewed from the front due to the LED headlight, massive windshield, and neat exhaust manifolds.


The side profile is highlighted by the well-integrated side cases and a single top case, both of which are part of the Triumphs optional accessory list. The neat partial fairing, body-colored engine cover and blacked-out engines add to the character. The rear looks a bit watered down, especially compared to the front and sides. However, the taillight and LED turn signals and the short tail look decent.

1 The build quality is at the rendezvous with the best of the segment

Via: Triumph

As a British brand, Triumph has never compromised on the build quality of its motorcycles. The same philosophy is found in the 2022 Triumph Tiger Sport 660, which offers a much more premium experience, especially for a sufficiently low price of just over $ 9,000. The panels and other body parts of the Tiger Sport 660 appear sturdy and could easily withstand any abuse it could be exposed to.

Via: Triumph

Switches and levers are some of the areas where motorcycle manufacturers typically cut costs. However, this middleweight tourer couldn’t be faulted for it. The paint quality is easily one of the best in the segment, and there’s no orange peel anywhere. Most of the components are rubber mounted, which also helps eliminate vibration.

An elegant Triumph Tiger Sport 660

Here’s everything we know about the Triumph Tiger Sport 660

Aimed at the entry-level ADV market, the Tiger Sport 660 looks promising.

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