10 most iconic vehicles in the franchise

From 1997, the RGT series has undergone massive improvements over the years. Open-world action-adventure games are a beloved franchise because of their gripping storylines and intricate details. As a result, Rockstar has released several titles, expansion packs and many updates for GTA online. Fans saw the series development from the 2D Universe to the more familiar games of the HD Universe.

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There are several makes of cars throughout the franchise, seen in various advertisements. However, it is only GTA IV that the manufacturers had a larger presence and were visible on the vehicles themselves. There are now several car manufacturers and dozens of car models that have been created for the series, including a few recurring vehicles.

ten The Bobcat continues to truck

GTA Bobcat vehicle

The Bobcat is an iconic pickup truck first seen in GTA III, and he retained a place in the Rockstar franchise. Since the appearance of the car in RGT: San Andreas, its name “Bobcat” can be seen on the back of the truck in bold type. Fans believe the vehicle is based on a typical Ford pickup truck from the 1990s.

This model is made by the in-game car company, Vapid. Although not a particularly fast mode of transport, the strength and reliable handling of the Bobcat can cause serious damage. GTA V introduced a variant of the model called the Bobcat XL where some of these trucks also have a bedspread.

9 The Hydra is GTA’s first fighter plane

GTA Hydra plane

The Hydra is a military fighter aircraft armed with an explosive cannon and missiles. The aircraft was first seen in GTA San Andreas and also appears in GTA online. The vehicle has a vertical takeoff and landing system that can come in handy when tracking and targeting enemies.

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This vehicle is the fastest armed aircraft in the series with the exception of the V-65 Molotok, which was released in the Smuggler’s Run update for GTA Online. The Hydra can effectively bring players from A to B and deploy heat-resistant flares to evade locked attacks.

8 The Sanchez is the most versatile motorcycle

Moto GTA Sanchez

From Vice City to GTA V Los Santos, this bike has been an essential vehicle for most of the series. The motorcycle is clearly based on the off-road motorcycles used in the cross-country racing sport, motocross. Even the sound of the Sanchez mimics the hard-working motor of a real motocross bike.

The Sanchez is an extremely versatile land vehicle. Players can weave through traffic, speed up on sand, and climb mountains with steep inclines. The suspension of the bike is very impressive and absorbs heavy impacts well on most terrains. In the HD universe, Maibatsu Corporation is the manufacturer of this motorcycle.

seven The Banshee performs well in street racing

Super car GTA V Banshee

One of the fastest and most recurring cars in the series is the Banshee. The sports car has been included in every title since GTA III, and the handling of the vehicle has improved with each version. The game’s car company, Bravado, is making the supercar as well as the new model in GTA Online, the Banshee 900R.

The Banshee often has an iconic stripe running down the center of the car. Some models are convertible while others have a fixed roof, and in the HD universe, some Banshees appear with a vented hood. This fast car is ideal for street racing and has good brakes to tackle tight bends.

6 The Maverick is a convenient way to travel

Helicopter Helitours Maverick from GTA IV

Another VTOL vehicle is the Maverick, one of the franchise’s first unarmed helicopter models. GTA Vice City introduced fans to this civilian helicopter, which has been included in almost every version since.

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The plane is generally easy to find as the model is used by police, news agencies and the Helitours travel agency (as seen in GTA IV). Due to its availability, the Maverick is often used to quickly reach the tops of buildings or fly over open water. In GTA IV, the helicopter is manufactured by Western Company while in GTA V, the aircraft is manufactured by Buckingham.

5 The rhino can blow up his enemies

GTA V Rhino tank

An exciting vehicle in the franchise is the Rhino – an army tank for those who need to let off steam. This tank is an upgrade to the original tank seen in the 2D universe. The rhino first appeared in GTA III and is the most iconic armored vehicle in the series.

The Rhino has a powerful cannon and can go through almost any obstacle. However, its slow speed and acceleration can be a downside. Newer tanks have since been added to the franchise in GTA V, like the T-34-85. Doomsday Heist update in GTA Online Also introduces players to the TM-02 Khanjali.

4 BMX allows Bunny Hop players

GTA San Andreas CJ on a BMX

This bike is what players would expect in size and shape. It allows players to perform wheelies, bunny jumps, and shoot weapons while peddling. BMX made its debut in RGT: San Andreas, where it was also used for an exclusive side mission.

The BMX challenge can be found in the Glen Park skate park. Players must collect all checkpoints before the time runs out. However, some of the checkpoints are in hard-to-reach places and require players to gain momentum and airtime on the vertical skate ramps.

3 The comet was designed with speed in mind

Red Comet GTA V

For years, the comet has roamed the streets of Vice City, Liberty City and Los Santos. This fast and dynamic sports car is made by the automaker Pfister.

The company logo closely resembles the Porsche badge. The comet also appears to have been influenced by the Porsche 993 and the Porsche 911 Carrera 4, which was once a Bond car from the movie, Die another day. The Comet Safari is a variation of the model, which was released with the update The Doomsday Heist for GTA online.

2 Stretch allows players to travel in style

GTA V Stretch on the Vinewood Walk of Fame

A luxurious way to travel through the city is in a Stretch Limousine. This vehicle has been featured in every game since GTA III. However, GTA: Chinatown Wars has a similar model which is simply called “Limo”.

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Due to the length of the vehicle, the Stretch is not suitable for off-road or dangerous journeys. In GTA San Andreas and GTA V, the Stretch is often found downtown near the Vinewood Walk of Fame on Vinewood Boulevard. The car company that makes the Stretch is called Dundreary. Their logo is similar to that of the real-world automotive brand, Lincoln, which specializes in luxury vehicles.

1 Seashark flies over players on the water

Jet ski Seashark from GTA_V

The Jet Ski is a water boat that only appeared in three RGT titles, and each game gives the vehicle a different name. In GTA: Chinatown Wars, the fast cruising boat is called the ‘wet ski’, while GTA: Stories of Vice City keep the name simple with “Jetski.”

In GTA V, the vehicle is called Seashark. This jet ski is especially important during the mission “Daddy’s Little Girl”, where the protagonist, Michael, is forced to save his daughter and escape using the Seashark. As always, Rockstar gave the vehicle maker a funny name. The company responsible for the Seashark is called Speedophile.

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